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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the miniature coyote Miss Piper Belle in the park at the end of Black Street

Winter has finally arrived. It's cold and icy and there's snow on the ground and this little village is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. When the girls and I go for our pre-bedtime walk up and down these dark streets almost every house we pass has a twinkling show of lights and many homes already have a fully lit and decorated tree in their front window.

A quick post this morning as I am trying desperately to get my work life back on track and I've been having some difficulties - concentrating, focusing and not yearning all through the day for the much anticipated 3pm reunion. The cowboy set up his turntable in the living room of 29 Black Street last night and played me this song and with his arms folded tightly around me he sang along with Joan ... my love, loves me

Your eyes kissed mine, I saw the love in them shine,

you brought me heaven right then when your eyes kissed mine.

My love loves me, and all the wonders I see,

a rainbow shines in my window, my love loves me.

Joan Baez


  1. Your cowboy sounds sweet and romantic. Good luck today at the TTD.

  2. Aaaawwww..... (again - I've run out of soppy things to say, so I have to fall back on making soppy noises!)

    I met Joan Baez backstage when I was about 17, after a concert in Edinburgh. Thrill!

    (She's kept her looks a lot better than I've kept mine, let me tell you! 1966.....)

  3. He is a dream come true that's for sure. I haven't any idea what on earth I did to get this - this amazing man and this amazing love.

  4. Hi Susan,
    I just caught up with your blog, I had not visited for quite a while. When I got a new computer, my bookmarks got all messed up and...anyway....great to hear about the cowboy! Nice.

  5. Love at Christmas time. What could be better?

  6. we, too, have winter now... it's cold in the daytime and damn cold at night... I am so happy your guy is home and safe.

    ... hey...sounds like we got a couple of guys from the same run of "Handyguys" ... with some other perfect traits tossed in....we are two lucky gals!

  7. Can I tell you how happy reading these posts make me? Your words are so full of light and spirit and the rush of emotion, scary and confusing, sweet and joyous...the sort of crazy emotions that only love can bring.
    Your photos themselves speak poetry...your words are so lyrical.
    I think you are amazing...


  8. I would love a white Christmas Susan. I've never had one before.If I did, I'd be a long way from family and friends though, so it would take the shine off somewhat.I very much enjoy the photos this time of year from those who live in the Northern Hemisphere- mittens and mug adventures and cosy snuggles!What an expanse of snow in your photo!

  9. I've been following this love story and just wanted to pop and say how happy I am for you.


    Joan Baez is one of my favs.

  10. do you think you will have a white christmas? does the black street gang plus cowboy and capoodle have any holiday traditions? Perhaps you will begin your own new ones?


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