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Sunday, February 7, 2010

red, hearts, glitter and tons of big love a Valentine's parcel for moi from that girl

x's & o's ... and tons of them.

She, that MLou, that girl who is the best of friends, la confidante extraordinaire, most excellent coach/therapist/boss gal sent me a box of Valentine's Day goodness. I LOVE red, love, love, love it - perhaps that's why I'm crazy about V Day, that and all those hugs, kisses & hearts. I'm crazy also about sparkly, glittery, tissue-y stuff and she knows it. As I sat at the dinner table last night, about to tuck into a big bowl of chicken n' dumplings* I looked up at my cowboy and noticed a few specks of opalescent glitter sparkling from his handsome tall moustache and I gave him my best ol' big love wink.

Re crocodile tears, sensitivity and being overly emotional - all vintage suitcases I've been carting around for like ever. They feel more like cozy fleece sweaters or maybe favourite undergarments, old and worn and tired but oh so comfy. Best friends in disguise and hard to let go of, so difficult to throw away. But maybe it's time, it's certainly worth a try. Eckhart calls this your painbody, a gentler description of these demons that lurk in all of us is your shadow self. MLou and I chatted about this very thing just yesterday morning. How at times you cast no shadow at all and then at other times your shadow appears monumentally large and looming. Over shadowing everything.

* Delish ! and big ol' satisfied swoons from the cowboy - recipe avec photos to follow

we designer gals, we LOVE postage stamps - like petite posters - how 'bout that darn grizzly ?


  1. Lucky you! So nice to be reminded that you're loved....

  2. Yes, the stamps are keepers! along with the Cowboy bandages....
    Tail Wags,

  3. Hey Moose ! actually the cowboy bandages came in tres handy this week as I sliced open my finger cutting carrots up for the brown hound Bess with the "be careful this knife is REALLY sharp" paring knife that my sister Sandra gave me for Christmas. Yikes !!

  4. I love me some great stamps too...and it is soooo hard to find anything like that unless it is for parcels...and at leaast $3.00 ... the letter stamps are boooorrrrriiiinnnnnggggggg WAKE UP CANADA POST !

    Isn't it great to hear all the mmmmmm'ing and swooning and comical licking of plates that goes along with great meals shared ....

  5. I absolutely ADORE the top photo! You are a wonderful photographer and I always wonder what sort of camera you use.
    Thanks for all the pleasant/great posts and photos! Dori

  6. Ooh, pretty! I love packages wrapped with ribbon.

  7. Hi Dori and thank you for the kind photo compliments. I use an 8 year old Olympus C5050 and I always have the flash off and the camera set to the super macro setting which allows me to get really close to things (1.5 " close) and gives me that really shallow depth of field that I love. Merci !

  8. What a wonderful friend. And those stamps are AMAZING - Canada does stamps right!

  9. That Olympus camera of yours is a beauty Susan. The photos it has given us (you have taken)are often exquisite, and while that is not a word I'd use to describe Canadian postage stamps, these have the wow factor in their own way.The original drawings would be stunning and Canada obviously appreciates and promotes talent, from a postage stamp up!

  10. I love REd too, in fact did something for theme thursday on it recently.

    I hope you and the cowboy have a most excellent one.


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