Friday, February 5, 2010

the chicelet - the black velvet, always dusty, Nessie Ness sitting in a big patch of winter sunlight

Bleetness - 11 this month. He arrived at Black Street as a wee kitten one dark & stormy night.

A big patch of sunlight in the upstairs tres sunny hallway, the sunniest spot in this old brick house and thus popular for basking and/or lolling about. The cowboy and I are off to town this morning, off to the nearby larger centre to do a few errands and a shop at my favourite big grocery store the super store. Hooray ! I've made a new music CD for our travels, a cowboy Numero. 3 CD - this favourite Sade song is track No. 7 (of 19), and this fabulous, get up off your chair and dance around the room honky tonkin' Randy Travis song is track No. 14.


  1. Happy Trails! Susan and the Cowboy!
    Bleet is such a gorgeous cat!

  2. Looks just like my Kitty. They sure do know how to capture the sunshine.


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