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Friday, February 19, 2010

rust and old red paint - vignettes from the beautiful basement

Many people think they are thinking
when they are merely rearranging their prejudices

William James

eek ! so guilty !

It is neither good or bad,
but thinking makes it so

William Shakespeare

oh Bill, you Rock !

{news flash}* - I think too much.

It's a funny (and very irritating) thing that most often the thing that is your greatest handicap ... is also your greatest strength. Boo & hiss I say this early morning. I'm learning (very slowly) how to, politely, say Shut Up ! to that chatterbox who lives in my head.

* lovin' an opportunity to use french brackets, I always forget about them ... sigh

ps - a great commercial


  1. Do you watch "Lost"? Those photos reminded me of the "frozen donkey wheel". (If you turn it, does your house move?)

  2. Hey Judy. I got lost watching Lost and gave up early on in season 1. xo s

  3. Yeah, there's no way overthinkers can watch Lost. Too much for their heads to wrap around. {tehe}

  4. I love the beauty found in "supposedly" damaged items. Great detail photos.

  5. I love that rusty-red color and texture! Can you find a way to market it? It would be such a good color for so many things today. How would you go about it?

    Also I love what you said about weakness also being our greatest strength. I believe you used the word handicap. I did not know that "Will" had expounded on that. The thought comes into my mind often. I believe we have something, Susan. Let's don't let it flit away!

  6. the extraordinary out of the mundane...great photo (and out of your basement now, that's even better)


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