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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a tres solid and beautiful foundation

trust in love, trust in love, trust in love ... take a very deep breath and repeat as necessary

It seems I've been avoiding love, human love, most of my adult life. Canine love and feline love surrounded me always, covering me like a warm fleece blanket. All other kinds of love I am well practiced at keeping just at arms length away ... from me. If you don't allow love in, you can be fairly sure that you won't feel hurt or disappointment. It became a habit like biting my cuticles - this pushing love away .

Stop ! ArrĂȘt ! That' close enough if you please - an arm's length only and then stop.

First I let MLou in. My friend for over 20 years yet still she stood an arms length away until Jake died and I was so sad I didn't have the strength to push anymore in fact I found myself beginning to pull. I needed her love and I wanted her love. And now this big rich cowboy love... love that came at me out of nowhere. If truth be told once I saw him I did invite his love. I held my breath, I closed my eyes and I allowed myself to be bold and brave. I sent him a card in the mail. And he knocked me over with his love, he drugged me and when I awoke I was in it. Thick and deep. Oh Oh. Now what ? Oh yeah I remember

trust in love, trust in love, trust in love ...

He, the Prince oATG*, is beginning the dismantling of the redundant, expensive and potentially
unsafe propane hot water heating system today. The project that is the culmination of The Basement Restoration and Rejuvenation - a project and a plan which he has, for weeks now, been scheming and pondering and drawing little diagrams for. Yesterday he purchase the plumbing fixtures necessary and they now lay displayed on our kitchen island ... waiting. Oliver is beside himself with excitement to be assisting with this monumental task. That darn cowboy not only do I love him like all get out ... but darned if he isn't the smartest man I've ever known.

And as you know - really, really smart is the new handsome.

* oATG - of All Things Good

the biggest basement fan of all and most excellent spokescat for the feral boys - Bleet & Gus


  1. The Year 2010 - Year of the Shortened Arms.

    (how big a love must be to totally redo a scary water heating system?)

  2. WOW!!! He is SO AMBITIOUS!!!!!! I think we are all falling a little more in love with him every day, TOO!!! And you are right about the smart=handsome thing: has always been like that for me. Good luck with your big task Cowboy! We are all rooting for you!

    XOXOXO from Dallas!

  3. B. Shamu you are SO, so funny sweet thang ! thanks for always makin' me smile. tres short arms xo s

  4. Sounds Hot Hot Hot to us....
    Tail Wags,

  5. Is that a Project I see in that basement???? A nice wooden armchair crying out for a bit of sanding, re-finishing and a beautiful cushion or two before being allowed upstairs? Just a thought. And not as daunting as a heating system......

  6. Susan
    Those basement photos are great! Just love the first one with the sun just touching and reaching its arms out to the the heart.

    Happy for you and the cowboy. Yep!

    Hugs to you and the happy family,

  7. Very cool..like the investigator..
    Benny & Lily

  8. I love this post, it makes me so happy knowing that you have found human love. I have been a follower of your blog for a long while now and I have always thought you amazing. I am glad that you have finally let love in, you so deserve it and you will much enjoy it.

  9. OMG how amazing is he? That BASEMENT!!!!!!!

  10. Thank goodness! Happy days are here again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love to read your process of love, keeping it at arm's length then inviting it in etc.


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