Tuesday, February 9, 2010

and who's the most handsome cat we know ? you betcha - Oliver

The absolute best cat in the whole wide world !! - no exaggeration.

Not only is he very handsome, extremely soft and always smells a little like fresh laundry. He is also very smart, extremely athletic (a grand parkouring* champion), a fine groomer/cleaner/comforter extraordinaire, of and for his stunning tabby, somewhat feral brother - Mr. Mr. (or Gus). Oliver is tres inquisitive, and an excellent apprentice/helper and world renowned photography and design associate - DA . Recent additions to his resume are the completion of the Black Street Basement Restorative Renovations (which included the cutting apart and removal of the ancient 1000 lb cast iron boiler, insulation of the beautiful 100 year plus stone foundation and the dismantling of the now defunct and obsolete propane hot water heater). In his spare time he enjoys sitting perfectly in good light, hanging out with the dogs (and his new best friend the cowboy) and watching movies every evening. He also has enthusiastically taken on the role of spokescat for the feral (scaredy cat) boys who live mostly in their second floor pied a terre. His favourites foods are vanilla ice cream (premium please) and Whiskas Temptations (any flavour) for which he will happily and unabashedly perform a few circus tricks.

For all you single gal cats who are a wonderin' Ne pas, I'm afraid - his heart is forever stolen. His beautiful betrothed - is a gorgeous, regal tabby avec les Black Nose (who shares his tres inquisitive, sporting & adventerous nature) - the very lovely Miss Millie from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I'm off now with the sisters to take photos of this morning's winter wonderland - stay tuned.

* warning - head banging most excellent parkour-ing music

a tres dusty amp, some bills, Cat Stevens and an Oh ! So ! handsome tabby cat


  1. Oh, I just love little kitties and Mr. Oliver is one fine specimen.

  2. That boy is just "tore up" with handsome as we say in the South!!!

  3. My mom says that looks like a lit up halo over his head??!!
    Tail wags to Oliver,

  4. What a handsome boy!!! I love my cats too...

  5. Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped as Gods. Cats have never forgotten this.

  6. I have to say he really does look handsome adn you can jsut tell he;s so soft too. Love that descript of smellin ga bit like laundry--love the smell of clean cats.

  7. Wonderful vintage sepia feel to these photos and love the lampshade danglies and his wise but adventurous face!


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