from out of the blue

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the view at the end of Water Street and out into the straight - like a winter abstract painting

The mildest, easiest, everybody-seems-happy kind of winter that I can ever remember. A striking and tres rare occurrence when talking about Canadian winters or Canadian weather for that matter - how love to complain about the weather - but there's not much to complain about this winter • late afternoons spent snowshoeing with my sweetie and the beautiful brown hound just after the sisters and I have had our afternoon stroll along the harbour and up toward the elementary school and back • marshmallows bobbing in fat mugs of hot homemade cocoa • evening mugs of green tea sipped while watching the evenings movie presentation • loving the challenge of dreaming up and cookin' up tasty heart smart dinners each evening - the cowboy and I are on a bit of a health kick and I'm feeling the results of our efforts already • excellent reading - current bedside books Dog Years by Mark Doty (amazing and beautifully written), The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine (fascinating, funny as all get out and remarkably relief inducing). She's just published The Male Brain - (insert tres sassy sexist comment here) and last night I started the book The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradly. Oh my, I'm LOVIN' this book. I love the style of writing and the main character is an 11 year old nerdy girl named Flavia DeLuce Swoon ... she's so my kinda girl • speaking of girls, our boiler girl Miss Saturn who lives happily in our beautiful basement, well, she's gotta brand new coil (installed by Mr. Wonderful himself with the assistance of handycat and most excellent apprentice of All Things Oliver) and now she is hot, HOT, hot ! • the movie Philadelphia (from the cowboy's collection) and it's beautiful and haunting soundtrack which includes this song by our Neil • and finally feeling that wonderful sense of full and complete love, that all encompassing, little-bit-of-everything kind of love that picks you up and carries you around, your feet never again quite touching the ground. I'm still pinching myself daily ... and wondering to myself where on earth did all of this come from ? and promptly answering myself from out of the blue my dear, from out of the beautiful blue, where anything + everything is possible.


  1. Beautiful photos; beautiful life.

    I love that movie (and the city itself).

  2. That first photo makes up for 2 Rachel Ray comments and the mere mention of what a mild winter you're having. GRRRRRR.

    I want that first photo. I want to have taken that photo. It is amazing.

  3. hey thanks B. Shamu - I love how stark and cold and beautiful that landscape is.

    And ...

    I did say Rachel-so-cute-you-want-to-smack-her-Ray (but in hindsight I guess I should have said Rachel so astonishingly loud and irritating you "must" smack her Ray). She does come up with some pretty rockin' recipes although watching her TV show has been banned in this house since her very first season ... whatever happened to Curtis ? "We HEART him".

  4. Oh, but you can be a hard woman, Susan Black! Poor Rachel Ray! LOL!
    It is snowing in Dallas today. Love your photos...they are just beautiful!

  5. yes, smack must be included. I heard a rumor she's secretly Canadian.

  6. Breath taking photos!!!! Oh how I love this being such a lover of snow and winter.

  7. That third pic down of the sea and sky is just heavenly!

  8. Hot dayum!! I'm kinda dizzy with love for the cowboy myownself over that basement and that heater!! And I ain't never met neither one of ya!! What a gorgeous post.

  9. Me, too!!! I just love that MONSTER HEATER!! To have heat is to be happy...and to have the person who can keep making it happen is heavenly. I would just stare at that boiler all day. And imagine in all that cold coming home to that snugness and security....I am absolutely still in love with that Cowboy!


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