Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Butterflies & Moths - from the gorgeous 2011 Cavallini butterfly calendar - merci Shammy

Purpose. Creative purpose. 1 -2 -3

Three projects.
Three deadlines per week.
19 weeks (end of June my slightly arbitrary deadline)
19 x 3 = a whole lot

each week ...

1. complete 1 children's inspirational/typographic art piece
2. continue on and complete 1 painting in this vein, soon to become a series of paintings
3. complete at least 1 typographic collage, adding a touch of w & h* wherever possible

oh my ... I heart purpose.

*w & h - whimsy & humour


  1. just the reference images i need to complete Koby's portrait. Just a few more moths and butterflies in the circle of life. I like the goals a lot -and i know writing them makes it more so. Im excited to see what you will do with this.

  2. Wow. As you know I didn't open the calendar up so I'm glad to see the beauty inside.

    1-2-3, easy peasy.

  3. hey Chick, not actually planning (at this time) to use the buttrflies and moths but am completely thrilled with my new Cavallini calendar courtesy of friend & patron Missy B. Shamu xos

  4. The Cavallini calendars are sure hard to find...they seem sold out everywhere...any suggestions on where a good source for these might be? Most of the links listed have 1 or 2 available...but are pretty picked over....must need to buy these in 2010 but have no idea where to look for them.

  5. Hi Maggie since you are in the US (I think) you have lots of places to choose from and reasonable shipping.



    they don't seem to go on sale ever - but at 21.95 I think they already are an incredible deal - so beautiful !! I also scored the bird 2011 calendar as well - spoiled !!

  6. Yay Susan!I was thrilled when my order arrived from you today - how exciting to see something in my post box all the way from Nova Scotia! I love my "Carry your Heart" and "A tiny life with a Big Heart" and bookmark. Thank you so much!
    All the symmetrical patterning on the insect wings in this post are fascinating. An art exhibition by Tasmanian artist MegCowell I attended yesterday was based around mirror images, balance, connection and symmetry.
    The notes on her work read "...her aesthetic approach is based on proportion and structure where she amalgamates mirrored parts that fit harmoniously into a seamless whole, like a butterfly with splendid wings radiating our from the central thorax".
    Then to visit here and see all the butterfly and moth images - just beautiful!

  7. Pam !! Hooray. Thank you for your patience in awaiting said parcel and we (les Team) are thrilled that you are happy with it's content's. As you know I'm a big fan of insects and bugs, the beautiful, the homely and the downright ugly.
    xo Susan & Gang


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