a riot of colour

Thursday, February 3, 2011

one of last summer's window boxes

a riot of colour is just what we need ... what I need
this snowy February winter's day.

I told the Prince last year as I sat on the porch filling the 4 window boxes that sit in the windows that face Black Street. Filling them from flats of a bold variety of gorgeous, colourful annuals - pansies, double impatience, lobelia, trailing petunias .... just purchased from the garden centre that I love. My goal, I tell him, is for someone to be just a strollin' up Black Street, minding their own business and suddenly out of the corner of their eye ... their neck whips around uncontrollably because they have spied a riot of colour beautifully framed by terracotta & tangled greens ... and it makes them smile.

The sky is mottled blue & grey this early morning, the sun has arrived and is shining it's golden horizontal light down on another 8-10 inches of fresh light fluffy snow which fell silently through the night while we were fast asleep.

Two views of the end of Water Street, out into the strait and the lighthouse far off in the distance
and Miss D and I earlier just beginning our walk.

the Prince has already shoveled a path for Miss D & I as we head out for our morning stroll


  1. Yes, a riot of colour (Canadian spelling) is just what I needed. Thank you.

  2. Love the riot! I wonder if Oliver is supervising shoveling from porch or window....
    Tail Wags to all.

  3. loverly. where can i see the art you are doing with get your paint on?

  4. So much snow! Here we have gales, and the windows are rattling. Nice to see your blaze of colour!

  5. A riot of colour indeed and beautifully done. What contrast to the cold blues adn such. Always visual feat here, Susan. :)

  6. Hey Chickory - there will be a "Get Your Paint On" flickr site and I will be posting paintings (?!?) here as well ... so far I'm struggling ... and that's a BIG surprise ;-)

    heyyy Mmmmmm xxxxoooo

  7. Yes, what a contrast we have from summer to winter. Good to see you weren't snowed under!


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