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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

(well ... almost finished) "Lets be Friends" - 10x10 mixed media on board - Susan Black


  1. Its wonderful! (I havent been by because I am back at "chickory" after a week in the city to celebrate the 18 years with V. )

    the background is very rich without being so busy it steals the limelight from the kitty and bird. I love your lettering -what do you do? print them out and then make a transfer to your paper?

    the color palette is very good. THis is certainly commercially viable, and you should be pleased.

    I am sending you an email about why i dont have a rep anymore -too often i talk about ME ME ME in your com boxes and i dont want to do that now.


  2. Love the snail. Tail wags to all.

  3. It's very pretty, not my style since I don't have kids but I'm sure it appeals to them greatly. Any kid's focus product marketing company would be a fool not to snap you up.

  4. thanks !! so much
    guess these posts aren't that popular with les commenting crowd :-(

  5. Its so cheery. Love the snails cute rosy cheeks. :)

  6. Oh how lovely!!! My little Sweeties will love looking at this later when I show them. It's got wonderful sweet kid energy all over it and it just draws you in... so sweet!

    Thank you for making this kind of artwork too, it's so nice to see beautiful work done for children.

  7. Catching up once again on your blog, this time with my children, who are DELIGHTED with this series of drawing-to-painting; and who love your doggie pics.


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