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Thursday, February 10, 2011

tulips shots of colour from les archives, the rest from our recent days

loving ...

all the sculptures formed by wind and snow
the bluest skies I can ever remember
pots of tea in the afternoon while thinking of our friends in NuT
MLou always
that Prince, who keeps the fires tended and the paths + driveway beautifully shovelled
hearts + pinks + reds
the chocolate brown nest of a bedroom
my ever present sidekicks Oliver + Miss D
soft boiled eggs chopped in a cup with whole wheat toast soldiers
oranges + clementines
Julia Cameron's books The Artist's Way & A Vein of Gold - I'm awestruck by the depth of content
this recently watched movie, Infamous borrowed from our library - we both loved it
Shaggy xoxoxo
thinking of Spring, of seeds & gardening
zinnias, poppies, sweet peas + cosmos ... to name a few and this year growing vegetables too !
my painting e-course - which continues to be fantastic !!


  1. its closed! the class is closed.

    we got snow today not big like yours. I always enjoy the juxtaposition of hot flower colors and cool snow. and the animals. Liked your home work -thats a lot of ultramarine/lavender hue for you! i like the suggestion of trees.

    went to flickr to look for get your paint on group page -not up yet -if it ever will be -but a few artists had that tag and i could see their stuff too.

    did you submit to uppercase your flowers yet?

  2. hey Chick ! They do plan to have a second course later in the year. The flickr group is private. I will post all my paintings here. Uppercase submission and ruthless iphoto editing & filing the only thing(s) on my to-do list today xo S + les Gang

    we have a ton of sneaky snow - no big productions, blizzards, squalls or storms this winter is stealthy and arrives in the night gently & quietly while we are sleeping. The village is all a chatter about where to puts the next nocturnal accumulation - it won't end until nearly April and then some ;-)

  3. You got her to smile BIG, so happy to see. She is such a cutie. I love blue sky photos. I find myself outside shooting on those gorgeous blue sky days.

    I saw a dog like Miss D at the vet the other day. I was picking up some medication and there was Hank, who looked like a young handsome suiter, with longer ear and muzzle hair. Winnie would be his Cougar. Woof!

  4. You have such a talent for photography, Susan! I especially loved the one with Miss D in profile...looks like she's cruising somewhere warm and exotic!

  5. That Oliver really makes my heart melt, not that I don't think Miss D isn't just as adorable but at heart I'm a besotted cat lover. I just wanted to tell you how beautifully cold and austere your winter landscapes are - completely foreign to my unbearably hot Cape Town! I enjoy looking at your artwork and collages so much, your creativity leaves me breathless.

  6. beautiful photos!! love see all those snow views!!
    enjoy the season!


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