it's mantra time

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hearts & swirls art by Billie

I believe ... in me
my self & I

Yesterday while working away at the TTD* on a new and fairly challenging assignment from the design director who's pushing me (in a very good way) I began to hear, far off in my distant mind, that voice ...ergghhh that voice who whispers with a sneer You can't do this. You are going to fail. We all have some version of that voice and most often it's chattering away so completely non stop we forget we're listening to it. We begin to believe the voice.

That voice in me who's become so much stronger this past year, the year filled with doubts & fears, and dwindling bank accounts, of lost most important customers, the voice who flings facts and figures (or lack of) at me with his taunts. The voice that always is doubting me, my abilities, my passion, my resolve ... my everything.

Miraculously without skipping a beat, without any premeditation on my part a few words arrived, my lips began to form them and I whispered back to the voice. Hey voice ! Shut Up 'cause ...

I believe in me
I believe in myself
I really do

Sighing. I just forget that I do ...
way too much of the time
Hullo ! ... it's mantra time,
repeat after me ...

*TTD - teak topped and much loved big huge desk


  1. We know YOU CAN! Hey, did you start your class? Tail wags,

  2. I did Moose
    here's the link

    it's AWESOME !!!
    totally awesome, more awesome than I could have imagined ... and I think just what I needed.

  3. I'm in a Pugwash state of mind.....

  4. You da girl Susan! Just keep on going.

  5. snort !!
    xoxo Shammy & Dani

    a Pugwash sort of mind is getting another big dump of snow tomorrow
    20-30cms - 15-20" blown around by high winds - oh boy !!

  6. Hot dang! You be making me proud sista! And use your outside voice when you tell thoughts to push off!

  7. Hooray for your mantra!! Hooray that it came up spontaneously!!!



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