got my paint on ...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Phase 1, painting thus far, and on top of collaged background below. Not finished but I'm liking

collage-ed background, sealed with Golden medium and ready to paint

I'm getting my paint on ... sort of.

Week 1 of the fabulous Mati Rose & Lisa Congden's e-course Get Your Paint On ! - Hello Painting ! Our first week's inspiration - the quilts of Gee's Bend - how freakin' perfect !!

A few things I'm learning about painting thus far
• gesso (my new besty) will hide all bad painting sins, so I can chill-if I screw up, I'll gesso over it
• I love, love, love bright colours
• I want to draw on my paintings and write with a paint brush
• it's really much harder (for me anyway) to plan a painting
• it's not a start to finish in one afternoon kinda thing
• sandpaper, sandpaper, sandpaper
• gel medium, gel medium, gel medium
• it's good to have more than one painting on the go
• who knows when a painting is finished ... I guess that comes with experience
• Hooray ! I do not hold my breath while painting and that's a good thing
• the collage background is kind of like having an abstract drawing in place before you begin


  1. I want wrap myself up in those bright colors and keep warm. Thank you for a beautiful pick me up this morning.

  2. you are sure welcome Shammy Sahm !!

  3. Love hearing about your class...keep warm + paint on!
    Tail wags to all,

  4. I love all of the maps, pages from books and hand written scraps in the second one!

  5. Thank you Betsy - the second one is the first one. I created the collage background so I could then paint on top of it. I'll post the finished (?) paintings tomorrow.


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