Saturday, February 5, 2011

scenes from both of yesterday's walks, early morning & again late afternoon - spectacular

Just Winnie & me and our frosty, sparkling world


  1. Yes! It IS quite beautiful out there. More to arrive today!

  2. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! amazing photographs. ive never seen that park and nice capture on that hawk or whatever. and the frosty conifer. i can smell it from here. another gorgeous collection. ho hum. *just kiddin*

    oh hai alice!

  3. If all goes as planned we have another 50cms of white arriving over the next week in three separate snowfalls. Winter is sneaky this here, no big blasts just a steady accumulation of snow. The Prince, my shovelin' man is wondering where he's going to put this next load.

    It's a falcon Chickory (I think) a gyrfalcon - the largest falcon in the world and I've been calling her/him "my" falcon. I see her everywhere and if I don't see her the crows tell me where she is. She is also spectacular. oh and I left a comment to your comment yesterday ;-) xoxo S & les Gang


  4. You are right. It is spectacular.

  5. Gorgeous! We have hoar frost, too!

  6. what a beautiful shot that alst one is in particular. Look scold but oh so peaceful.

  7. They are all amazing photographs Susan, so much beauty to take in, such a lovely place where you live. I would never be able to see such glorious vistas as these where I live.

    xoxo ♡


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