Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No.3 - 8x 8 - mixed media on panel (inspired by the quilts of Gee's Bend) - Susan Black

Oh where have all the photos and sad ramblings gone ? have no fear they will be back.

After making several pieces based on Week 1's assignment from my fab e-course Hey ! You ! Get Your Paint On which was to be influenced & inspired by the quilt's of Gee's Bend, loosely or literally your choice the Week 2 assignment is to to choose a painting by another artist that you love and incorporate some aspect of their painting (imagery, colour palette, paint application, etc..) into your own painting again as loosely or literally as yo choose. Excellent !! Below are a selection of favourite paintings. Things I know at this moment in time:

I love layering + love adding bits of collage maps, stamps, floral prints, book or handwritten text
I'm drawn to either very neutral simple palettes or very rich and vibrant colour
I would like my pieces to ultimate have a message somewhere ... very bold or very quiet & subtle
A dream of mine is to make inspirational/educational paintings for children
I can't draw realistically and I'm so 2D it's not funny, perspective makes my head spin
Thus dreams of painting landscapes and/or portraits will remain for now just that ... dreams

It's funny I showed this latest painting to the Prince this morning, he who is tres supportive in all ways, of my ever budding CE*. I explained to him that the assignment was to be inspired by the graphic bold patchwork quilts of Gee's Bend and to practice learning to be free & loose with our paint. After he looked at it for some time, feeling I think that a comment was required he said. I like the butterfly, did you paint the butterfly ? I replied No sweetie, I collage-ed that tissue paper butterfly on.

Oh he said. ;-) and yes I do say Sweetie, all-the-time ... and to all of our pack.

Some of my current favourites (legend at bottom)

*Creative Empire

1, 7, 8 - Cathy Nichols 1, 4, 9 - Mati Rose 3 - Squeak Carnwath 5 Baboucherouge 6 Cori Dantani


  1. Such beautiful creations! Love all the colors and whimsical imagery!

  2. I love that your creative juices are flowing but I really had to laugh at the Prince's reaction. He's a good man.

  3. I'm glad someone else snorted Shammy & thank you CurlyQ !

    Not many comments these days - a dull topic n'est pas ?!?

  4. actually, I'm quite enjoying this new process you are working through. I start my day checking out your blog and was annoyed that you posted late!!! this morning and I had to leave before I saw what you and the gang were up to. My lack of comments do not reflect my level of interest....

    Love the inclusion of the tiny house in this latest piece.

  5. thank you Blue Heron and I do apologize for the late post. My intention is to NOT have that happen often xo S & les Gang

  6. you too Mary D ;-) merci !
    This is soooo what I needed.

  7. I absolutely love this; blue imparts such a feeling of peace and harmony and its so calming.The hit of hot pink is so perfect, as is the other pink/red/orange bit; darn i wish i could see it again to describe it better without losing this comment.
    I love a looser style in paintings and the drips, yayy!
    I'm enjoying your class homework very much.
    It seems very different for you yet one can still tell it's your work.
    My hubby dosn't like my abstract or collage art. He always asks why don't you ever make a mountain scene with lake,trees and a cabin....!

  8. I forgot to say love the wrinkles too!

  9. not sure if the first one is yours or not, looking at the credits but if so, it is quite different to what I ahve seen before--cool colours and all but well done, msut say.

  10. I ADORE the one with the houses and the two little musical notes. Amazing.

  11. I love your inspiration...and just as much I love what you're creating yourself. So much energy in your work, Susan. It's wonderful stuff.


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