Monday, January 31, 2011

oh my, I do so LOVE taking photographs and I love documenting our day to day life

Success is going from failure to failure
without losing confidence

Winston Churchill

This last day of January I've been thinking I want, more than anything this year, to be successful. Success much like beauty tis in the eye of the beholder and this particular beholder is my self.
I know just what it will take to make me feel successful again. I have felt it before, more than once, and I know deep inside that I will definitely feel it again. It feels very near ... I can taste it

being successful this year 2011 would be

• to once again have a bustling, multi customer, product design business
• to have my own licensed product line with a big fancy pants giftware company
• to develop a crazy, colourful line of inspirational + whimsical art for kids
• to further develop my current hand drawn + collage typographic inspirational line
• to learn to paint and create art with abandon
• to teach myself, through online tutorials and practice, Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop
• to be super organized with my work & photographs and archive it all like a mad freakin' woman
• to say at last See ya later & Bye Bye ! to 20lbs that's been hanging around for far, far too long

there I've sent it all out there, out into la Universe

last night's dinner - baked chicken fingers coated with seasoned panko crumbs, honey mustard dipping sauce, oven baked fries with sea salt & olive oil and steamed broccoli
last night's movie (borrowed from the library) - A Mighty Heart

and this tres beautiful song from the soundtrack of A Might Heart by Nouvelle Vague


  1. Great song, big list...just like my mom's! I love that bunny mug. Tail wags to all.

  2. I wish you as much success as possible to fill your tiny home and huge heart.

  3. smooch !!
    Shammy Sham
    xo S miss D

  4. How I do enjoy seeing these small glimpses into your life, Susan! Thank you!

  5. bonjour D. Dreams thank you and I absolutely LOVE capturing these moments - it does remind one, daily, that a happy content life is just a series of moments. Having a blog, a place to put these moments has really changed my life, and in the best way. xo S, miss D & les Gang

  6. You go girl, you're brimming over with talent. Look forward to hearing about each and every success!
    Walter and me

  7. youyouyouyouyou rockrockrockrockrock

    total awesomeness


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