happy birthday Miss D

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winnie Dixon, a big pot of geraniums and the chocolate brown bedroom

Last night a very good blogging friend emailed me and among varied topics discussed - lilacs, home decor (paint & wallpaper specifically) and of course dogs she asked about Sam. Writing that we, and I think she might have meant the royal blog we, haven't heard much about him lately. I confessed I had been feeling strangely guilty and had been wondering about that myself. Hmmmm what's up with the lack of photos and/or discussion of him on this blog ? of Sam our big, handsome, goofy, lug of a shepherd mix second dog. Well ... after more pondering I replied

Sam has really become very much Doug's dog - we now walk the dogs separately because like many men, I suspect he thinks of a walk as a chore that must be gotten through efficiently ... Miss D and I on the other hand love to wander, ponder, get lost & stop often to take photos. My sweet Winnie is so used to this obsessive habit of mine that she immediately sits when she hears the binging of my camera being turned on. She turned 12 this month and I completely focused & devoted to her these days, trying to savour every moment that I have with her. Doug has been walking (3 x daily), training and loving Sam plenty so he (Sam) doesn't really need me. I hardly ever take photos of him because now, especially in winter, we rarely are out together in daylight - as you can see the photos attached are fuzzy because of poor light - but you CAN still see how very handsome he is, big (80lbs), sweet, loving and very much a lap dog.

Happy Birthday Missy D. Here's to our 11 years wonderful together Winnie ... you & I ... me & you ... I'm hoping, of course, for many more. I love you so much more than words could ever say.

shepherd retriever, leon-berger-like, sweet as can be, smiling, goofy, stubborn, big Mr. Sam I am


  1. Happy 12th to a beautiful creature, with or without a snow beard.

  2. like many men, I suspect he thinks of a walk as a chore that must be gotten through efficiently

    perfectly describes walking with my V. its never fun -always rushed. same thing with going to a museum - like okay weve seen it all. a chore. hate that.

    Love the dogs, sweet sam and happy birthday to MWD.


  3. Happy Happy to MWD... you don't look a day over 11. Tail wags always,

  4. John Missy D thanks you
    Chickory I hate that !! also
    Moose woof

  5. Happy Birthday Miss D! We were honoured to feature you in the 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book...a beautiful face and a beautiful soul.

  6. Miss D's debut portrait in the beautiful book Paws for Charity Art book. Can anyone tell me how to place linked text in the comments section ... until then, copy paste please


  7. Happy birthday Miss D...you're beautiful!
    Big puppy hugs xxoo


    Jake and Sarah salute you on your special day with ass sniffing, crab tolling, and chasing things the humans don't want us to chase.

    Big Love to the Bearded Lady

  9. Happy birthday Miss Winnie Dixon!!! Big birthday licks and kisses from Frankie and Bobby.
    Lovely photos of les gang!!

  10. happy happy birthday to such sweet girl!

    wishing you both, many more amazing years and lovely moments together!!

  11. Mom does not know how to link either, tried but nothing works! Check out her participation in the 2009 PAWS FOR CHARITY BOOK!:

    You'll see me too!

  12. Happe Birthday Ms. D
    Benny & Lily

  13. Happy Birthday, dear old Fuzzyface! Long may you remain at your post of photographic assistant.

    (You have a very handsome younger brother too....)


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