let's go !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

oh my ! big time inspiration - gorgeous graphic prints from edubara

so ... make like confetti
and throw yourself into 2011

via daily blog haunt Elise Joy another tres inspiring Creative Empire builder

My sickness has lifted, my sickness has lifted, hoorah !! gone, it seems, is the cranky, whiny person who has been slumping around this old brick house, I feel virtually perky this morning after days (and days) of clinging to my three ply tissue (with aloe lotion) and my packets of Fishermen's Friends (extra strength) and feeling crappy - way too jacked up on cold & flu medicine to rest or sleep and too sickly to get anything productive done. Whinge ! bye bye cold !

Hello 2011 ! Hey ! it's a brand new year ... let's go !


  1. Just how I feel! I am determined to say "Yes" more often than "No" this year. To myself mostly!
    Happy New Year everyone !!

  2. Yes ! me too !!
    cause baby I'm a firework !!
    HNY to you too xo les Gang

  3. Great attitude, let's rock it!

    P.S. Have you ever tried Alka Seltzer Cold? I find for that crappy kind of cold, it works without all the nasty side effects.

  4. good morning. i am so glad to see the holidays end and get back to real life. love these mega graphic things...so much like your own - but i like yours better. heres to a CE building year -for us all!

    xo to all les gang

  5. Three cheers for Creative Empire building in 2011 for all! and tail wags too....


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