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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

more heart thumping inspiration - Mati Rose - the colour, oh my, the colour

I'm pretty sure I'm signing up for this online painting e-course Get Your Paint On with Mati Rose & Lisa Congdon - big old creative swoonin' over both of them. It begins Jan 31 - 5 weeks.

And last night serendipity & les internet introduced me to this upcoming 3 day workshop with another of my creative idols Sabrina Ward Harrison being held in May in (drum freakin' roll) Prince Edward Island - SHUT UP !!! One of my absolute favourite places in the world and a hop, skip and a jump away from this little seaside village. I'm hoping I can convince other tres creative designer gal & best friend MLou to do this workshop with me.

No. 4 - stop rushing
No.5 - let yourself be messy
Les Bucket List of 2011*

I had a better day yesterday. One of my problems, a pretty large problem, is I rush. I rush to complete things as if every self assigned creative assignment has a 4:30pm deadline. I know that my rushing ultimately has to do with here - les blog. I somehow have it wired in that I must finish things so Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if I could post this next grand masterpiece tomorrow morning on my blog I am being brutally honest. I guess in posting finished pieces I am looking for encouragement, accolades, well done's, ooh, ahhs, love & support here. And you, thank you ! give it and I like it, I love it but the reason I think that little Ms. Gut has run away with my creative instincts is that I need to learn how to be my own cheering section and I need to slow down, stop rushing through everything ! I'm not allowing myself the luxury of time because I'm always rushing to get to the end and the end is not the important part, is not the learning part, is not the good part. The end is not what it's all about.

It's the process (I know, I know ... we all say we know that but it's the practicing the process that really counts, the living the process, the enjoying the process, the not judging the process - that is what the process is supposed to be - not just a word you toss around 'cause you know you're supposed to). Sighing. It's about sketching lots + lots, drawing, smudging, erasing, trying new things, painting, gluing, collaging, painting over things, failing more than a few times, not caring that you failed, making lots of mistakes ('cause let us not forget les happy accidents and where they come from), letting go, being messy & ultimately not caring about the end result.

WHAM - that was me, I just fell off my spinny desk chair and Oliver is hovering above me.
& ultimately not caring about the end result. woah ! as I complained earlier - it's hard.

* I realize that bucket list's are supposed to have some wild & crazy, fun and/or kooky things on them. Yeah ! Yeah ! I have 6 items left, so far I have the following 1. surf less (much less), 2. shut up & create, 3. wear colour, 4. stop rushing & 5. be messy (we're not talking about my housekeeping chores 'cause there's no problem with me & messy in that dept.)

rosy cheeks - preliminary sketches/ideas with thanks to Chickory

- Mushaboom


  1. good morning, Susan...

    your comments at the end of today's post made me hoot out loud... I have a big pink Post-It note on the edge of my monitor. It says "TOO MUCH INFORMATION! STOP reading and DO something!"
    I, too, get lost in cyberspace for much too long and on too many days! Darn good thing I have a paying job outside the house two days a week or I'd never get out of my cozy new flannel pjs!

  2. Wow that Rosy Cheeks is going to be amazing. Can't wait to see the end result....whenever it happens (no 4:30 deadline).

    Isn't the internet amazing? MS is giving voice lessons, you're taking painting classes. Love it.

  3. The internet really is an awesome space for all of us. It's nice to hold each other up.

  4. "(drum freakin' roll)" -- hahahaha LOVE your little insert comments...cute! Make me chuckle every time. :)

    And you are SO inspiring to me, you know that? I love that you are so open adn real with what you're struggling with and share how or what you've done to push through. Thank you! YOU are one of the many reasons in my life that I DO keep on trucking along!

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  5. wonderful post, susan. i actually suffer from doing the opposite of rushing, which can lead to so many projects falling by the wayside. i should work on that this year.

    anyway, thank you for your honesty + inspiration + great taste in music!

    xo Alison

  6. im really looking forward to seeing the final! the map sky will be cool and i love the falcon. yay!


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