pretty snowy, pretty white

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the view this early morning from my, Hey it's still a bit dark out, studio window

pretty snowy
pretty white

your best teacher is your last mistake

Ralph Nader

oh but at the time they sure do feel like mistakes ... they feel just like failures.

One of those large life lessons I mentioned yesterday, those lessons I keep finding lately everywhere - tucked into corners, sleeping in drawers or sometimes splayed out on my desk like some big, fat, black velvet cat we all know

there are no mistakes ... there are no failures - oh yeah !! hooray & a big ol' P-H-E-W !!

everything you do, everything I do ... pushes us forward but often that forward movement is so very subtle, it happens in such teeny, tiny, incremental bits that we don't see it. Sometimes we don't see it because we don't know how to ... we've forgotten how to see our own experience.

Winnie & I walked along the harbour's edge on the path kept up by Greg & Toby (ducktoller)


  1. Do you go out every morning, regardless of weather?

  2. I have several duck toller friends here in Colorado! But, we have no snow at our "city" home like you have. Tail wags + enjoy that beauty of a morning view.

  3. we do !! 2x a day

    If the weather's really shitty it might be a much more abbreviated walk. I've convinced myself that lots o' exercise is directly related to longevity (hers & mine). If it's really pouring, that hard, horizontal rain we take a very quick spin. Missy D doesn't have a rain slicker (yet) and she doesn't like to get soaked.

    Lately she's been so full of beans & wieners, she literally drags me around the streets of this village, way out at the very end of her retractable lead. Hooray !!!

  4. That's incredible. I believe you on the exercise but I also know bad breeding can stymie that. When you're born with bad hips and get to be 14, the spirit is willing but the body says no. Miss D is very lucky to have such a loving dedicated owner.

  5. 14 is a beautiful age and I know another shepherd gal who's also pretty lucky. big sloppy kisses & woofs to her + J form Missy D & me.

  6. Gorgeous lots of snow this year.
    Benny & Lily

  7. So nice to see snow - somewhere else! I loved ours, but I've had enough now.

    What's a duck toller, BTW?

  8. pour Rach & les Team from NuT

    that would be Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Miss D is a cross between a Scottish Muskrat Hound and a (tres rare) Nova Scotia Crab Toller

  9. Your snow pictures are fantastic! Glad to hear Miss Winnie Dixon is once again enjoying her walks. It looks absolutely baltic over there - go on, tell me how cold it is...? Our snow has gone, replaced by damp dreary weather. I'd take snow any time even if the country does come to a total standstill!

  10. Hi Dan, we've just been through a week long cold snap with temperatures as low as -25 (with wind -10 can feel like 25). Actually today it's much milder with our snow storm - a balmy -1 degree. ;-)


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