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Saturday, January 8, 2011

You are Beautiful - Cathy Nichols

YOU ... yeah you.

You are beautiful, and you, and you, and you ...

and Oliver and Missy D

and me too. Sigh

The tranquil lands of bubbles & scents awaits and a day happily painting teeny tiny hearts in reds, corals, pinks & oranges- hot happy colours right here atop the TTD* at les bustling CEHQ* *with my buddy, my best cat, my ever faithful design associate Don (oops I mean Oliver).
We're hummin'

Wowed, amazed and very inspired by the beautiful paintings of Cathy Nichols

A very happy weekend to all !

* teak topped desk
** creative empire headquarters

Hello Spring - Cathy Nichols

Counting my Blessings - Cathy Nichols


  1. Stretching those artistic muscles, very beautiful. I like this tangent.

  2. Ohh!!
    This was extra-ordinary.
    Was feeling low and then I read your, you sure do know how to make people smile..
    Happy new year and this was amazing!
    Keep blogging...


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