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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

collaging with cats - cat - Oliver monsieur handsome, handy, athletic & tres artistic too !!

la to-do list

this week
all week
& on the weekend too
make art
I'm placing a giclee (print) order Monday
getting ready for another 2 months
of PoppyTalk Handmade - hooray !!

Oliver hopes M. Millie (avec les Nose Noir) is watching


  1. Can I say just how cool it is that the stuff that I sent, the stuff that I was holding onto for no real reason except I thought it was cool looking, is being turned into artwork before my very eyes? Tres Cool. I'll even ignore the Cat Butt aspects of said artwork.

  2. yay! for the poppytalk handmade!!
    I love see handsome Oliver at work!

  3. Hey Shammy Sham not to mention all this creative stuff happens each day on my 2-cool-for-school & tres loved giant kraft colour PaperSource calendar blotter - compliments of vousez Vous !!!

    and Hola RosaMaria have you signed on for PT Handmade ?

  4. M.Millie isn't at home right now; she followed us on our walk, got chased (unsuccessfully) by collie Brock, and decided to stay behind and taunt him from under a parked car. She's also fond of spending her evenings with a couple of rabbits down the hill, just watching, and wishing she was a bit bigger and faster..... I'll tell her about Oliver when she comes in.

  5. Oliver is beautiful. I love the way cats place themselves 'just so'.Husband and I were watching army training on television - the shouts, the action. I said "dogs would love this - all the noise and activity, cats would say "Moi? I think not." They always look like much in life is truly beneath them, yet their serenity is captivating.
    I visit here,not only to enjoy your work, but for my animal fix as well. Thank you dear Susan.

  6. Oliver is SO handsome... I don't see how Millie could resist!


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