without a plan

Sunday, January 30, 2011

oh how I love a brand new clean calendar blotter page + paints + bursts of vivid colours

to live a creative life
we must lose our fear of being wrong

Joseph Chitton Pearce

Now I know that February is still 2 days away and I know well the old adage don't wish your life away. Let me explain, if you look at the month of February you'll see it begins on a Tuesday which means I can fill in the Sunday & Monday slots with the last 2 days of January and thus have on the beloved teak topped desk a brand new month, a clean, crisp new calendar page ... & (shut up !!) this month, avec hot pink typography (merci every month B. Shammy). Snippets into the mind of an obsessive planner trying desperately to morph herself into more of a doer.

Yesterday's creative adventure. I spontaneously just began, without a plan. A little collage, a little painting, drawing on top of that. I will confess (and I'm sure you can tell) I haven't a clue what I'm doing. I'm trying to do, without a goal, without an end, with a don't have to like it attitude ... oh oh ! or should I say oh no !! I'm going to make a painting of some shape or size every week. Yikes.

When I speak of "vein of gold" many people think in terms of productivity.
"Once I find my vein of gold, I'll strike it rich".
It is more accurate to think of the vein of gold as a heart vessel,
carrying the precious cargo of the flow of our true nature.
Viewed this way, we don't need to "get" rich. We already are rich.

blurb from the back cover of Vein of Gold - Julia Cameron

OK let's go !

May 11 - painting No.1 - 5x7 - Susan Black


  1. I love it!

    Haven't been by here since your doggy play date - love to read of all your new enterprises and see your SNOW...

    Sending warm thoughts from my part of the world to yours.

  2. What a gorgeous painting! I LOVE it!

  3. Wonderful! Just like Spring, full of hope and possibilities! Very lovely, Susan!

  4. gee thanks for les encouragement !
    I'm really not sure what I'm doing but I am hoping to eventually discover my groove ...

  5. Beautiful work! I am so envious of your TTD. I get so inspired by the art I see your blogs and others, but I have no place to get set up and leave it. Table top space is at a premium in most city apartments.

  6. It's very nice!

    I do the same thing with a fresh month on the calendar...even adding the last few days of the current month so I can turn it over sooner! lol

  7. Just saw this! LOVE IT!!! and I love Julia Cameron!! Your pores just OOOZE so MANY GOOD THINGS!!!


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