rosy cheeks

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm not lost ... collage 5 x 7 - Susan Black

Intense feeling often obscures the truth
Harry S. Truman

uh, huh

We saw her again, she has something to tell me, a messenger
a whisper from the large, beautiful pale falcon ...
we see her everywhere
she sat a long spell yesterday in bright sunshine,
ignoring the crows who let me know me she was there
she sat at the very top of our towering blue spruce ...
in an open spot so that I would see her clearly.

gyrfalcon (Iceland or Jer Falcon) John James Audubon

Blue, blue sky, sharp long shadows, doubled fleece with down,
crunching paws & feet, frosty lashes, snowy snouts & steaming breath
slushy waves, crisp cold

Rosy cheeks

beautiful greys, pure fresh white, touches of red and Winnie, my best friend


  1. nice writing. i think a collage based on your rosy cheeks poem is in order. Im loving these fresh collages. you shop is the must stop for V day

    I am migrating off of Etsy a little everyday.

  2. Telegrams, there's a sign of bygone days. Lost to the pages of history.

  3. It's from a telegram sent in 1944 from Sackville, New Brunswick (my birthplace) from my father David Black to his father Robert Black who was overseas in the war I think my father was 10 at the time ... some of my very own history. Love you 2 lots! xo S, Missy D and the rest of our Gang.

  4. Wow, even more personal. That's pretty cool.


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