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Monday, January 17, 2011

Love No.2 typographic collage, gouache + ink - Susan Black - a new giclee print

Beginning today the crafty design shop here at 29 Black Street CEHQ* have a virtual table set up over at Poppytalk Handmade (for the next 2 months) - hooray ! There's a whole lot of LOVE, love, love + more love happenin' in that darn etsy shop of ours just in time for Valentine's Day and an unbelievably, tres shocking array of pinks + reds & reds & pinks.

Creatively I've always used my gut, my gut's feeling when I'm working on something creative, doing thumbnails, sketching ...whatever. When things are going well it's just a little feeling that begins to grow in my gut that tells me Uh Huh ! Your headed in the right direction, this is good, keep on keepin' on. I came to not only trust that feeling but I relied on it. Kind of like a 6th sense. I don't have that gut feeling anymore, I've lost it ... it feels lately like I'm driving blind. It's hard putting work, art, design, craft whatever you want to call it out there into the world for all (or even a few) to see when my gut didn't whisper to me it's OK, it's good enough.

Someone's kidnapped my gut feeling ... or maybe she ran away.
It's hard without her.

*Creative Empire HeadQuarters


  1. Everything looks beautiful to me so I think your gut is just taking a nap, knowing everything is all right with the girl.

  2. thank you too Dani ... I guess I didn't explain myself very well it's a feeling of being lost, of flailing a bit creatively, the things I do and make not gelling together, not being cohesive ... it's a weird confidence gut intuitive feeling thing. And I don't have it. I've lost it.

  3. Hey, hey…don’t think you’re alone there on someone kidnapping your gut feeling!! I think we all get there from time to time. It will be back. :)

    I love all of your LOVING going on here in this post. As always, my fave is “Love you like forever”!

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  4. Love all the love going on over here at #29 this year! (e e cummings is one of my faves)

    Maybe Ms. Gut is just away on holiday. She'll be back in rare form soon.

  5. With or without your gut feeling, your creations are beautiful.I think the flowing hearts are wonderful, particularly out the chimney!! I have not seen that one before.

  6. she may be lost, but your work is terrific.


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