breakfast of empire builders

Thursday, January 6, 2011

8:30am Creative Empire Headquarters - early morning breakfast atop the teak topped desk

my breakfast
1/2 cup Go Lean Crunch
1/2 cup Fibre 1st
1/2 banana sliced
brown sugar & skim milk
clementine and remaining banana - a mid morning snack for breaktime

Oliver's breakfast
bottom of the bowl, brown sugary, leftover cereal milk

An in-process new collage, gouache, ink typography piece. Pow ! Poof ! Bang ! Patterned letters combining drawing collage, and paint so far I'm lovin' it ! So often I have no idea where the ideas come from and I'm learning (slowly, slowly) to just let them arrive. Hey there new idea ! come on in ! Learning to go with the flow, to not bug them about who they are or where they came from. Some will be great, some will be so-so ... and eventually I know some will be fantastic. I'm this close (holding fingers 14 millimeters apart) to sealin' a deal with a big, great giftware company. Shhhhhh ... that's all I can say. Good things come

Love No. 2 - vintage papers, gouache & ink collage Susan Black 01/2011


  1. Am holding my breath. That big giftware company had better hurry up; I'm going purple already.....

  2. Wishing you the best in your new (crossed-fingers) venture - your work is vibrant and fun!...

    Still coveting the heart print, and yes I figured out you have an Etsy shop. Duh.

  3. You know what they say ...

    A) it ain't over til the fat lady sings "or" B) until the contract is signed - you guys turn purple over there in NuT and we'll keep on crossing all paws, fingers & toes.

  4. Karen the heart giclee print will be in the shop before mid Jan. Merci !

  5. im lovin it too. crisp but still organic enough to not be slick and "illustratory" looking. the adobe program i mean. and that pink cat tongue. love that. charming morning.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Let those ideas keep flowing out onto the paper, we are hungry for more.

  7. so adorable. :)

    have a beautiful day!

    xo Alison

  8. make me miss my kitties!

  9. How exciting! When will you hear the wonderful news?

  10. Dragonfly Dreams thank you and yes it is exciting and still not completely a done deal yet a deal/project that began way back at the end of August 2010 - these darn big things, they do take time. I hope (fingers & paws crossed) that by the end of this month we'll (the Associates and I) know for absolute sure. xo S & les Gang

  11. This looks really good. Good luck with sealing the deal! Cant wait to find out more.

  12. Oh that Oliver. He is irresistible. I love the photos of him.

  13. From the little pink nose to the little pink flowers and hearts I love it all!

  14. I came back to look at the pretty.

  15. I love those letters!
    I love the vintage antique look!
    I always knew you were amazing hence why I would always ask for you to draw me stuff

    love you! and miss you!
    you're favorite and only niece,
    Molly (Purple)


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