Saturday, January 29, 2011

beach treasure and a few other photos of random goodness from this past week

more randomness,

When I look out the windows this early morning from my very cozy nest of down & flannel all I see is the palest blue & grey. No early smudge of pinkish orange or lavender this morning announcing the sun's appearance. It's a cloudy, overcast day in the forecast for today after yesterday's spectacular, mild, melting blue sky & sunshine - which we needed. This morning it's back to a winter sky, a monotone blue gradually fading to the purest fresh snow white striped occasionally here and there with the grey of the bare trees.

I miss the colour. I really do but I also love our seasons - winter creates spring, summer creates autumn. I'll search for colour elsewhere, inside.

I have the book The Artist's Way from our library. I cannot explain why it's taken me all these years to embrace Julia Cameron and this book. I guess it doesn't matter. I'm embracing it now.
I have an early morning appointment with the Prince to bring in firewood and then it's a day of creativity, hopefully wide open, here at the teak topped desk. I sure do love a Saturday.


  1. These finds would make a beautiful mosaic!

  2. Well you know what happens when you show me stuff like your randomness? I get that searcher's itch.

    Must put this energy to use.

    by the way, that randomness is beautiful.

  3. thanks Shammy Sham !
    how's your girl ? kisses from D + me

  4. Your beach shards are beautiful. What variety. I am so envious.

  5. Delightful Susan - you have a great eye for arranging 'randomness' :)

  6. I adore your wonderful beach treasures. I remember when you posted some of them before. Fascinating.

  7. Thank you Susan for asking, she's doing much better after giving me the BIG SCARE. Anytime the Sarah doesn't want to eat you know it's not good.


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