Friday, January 21, 2011


  1. ... of the manor. Just as it should be......

  2. I love those radiator photos! I have been missing having a cat around dreadfully for the past few weeks. My 17 year old Phantom passed away this time last year. I think I am ready for another feline companion...Your post is another sign for me.

  3. oh Sara my advice to "anyone" whose thinking of getting a cat, especially a kitten is get 2. Perhaps you're thinking of adopting an adult which would also be fantastic (and 2 that got along well together at a shelter) ... kittens I have learned the hard way - should always be gotten in pairs. So much easier on you, your furniture, your dog, your drapes & not to mention the hours and hours of hiccup inducing hilarity that the pair of them will provide.

    Oliver and Gus were 9 weeks and 6 weeks old when they arrive here from the shelter 4 years ago. They are inseparable - in love and in play war, and in tag team mouse duties ;-)

  4. The last photo made me laugh! The cats always seem to love laying right in the middle of our work, don't they?

  5. Ha, these are great pictures, Susan! The two radiator pictures are amazing. I never realised cats are so full of life and animation even when they are asleep!

  6. ....well i LOVED all of this so much...beautiful....i have LOVED animals all my life...sharing Farmhouse Kitchen with them is my pleasure....

    sending love to all

    kary and all the gang

  7. Greetings to the lords, and to Lady Susan!

    I've missed reading you so much. I just went back and read like the last 8 posts and I'm reminding myself how essential reading you has become. You say things that make me feel like I'm not the only one, like I'm not crazy, like other people go through these things too - thank you so much for your writing, your photography, your beautiful beautiful art.

    I think I need to add to my bucket list "let go of control." Yep, that gave me a mini heart attack to type out so I'm pretty sure it's one for the list. Eeps!

  8. Beautiful portraits. I love the stripie-ness of the tabbies, and that the black beauty of the black velvet chicelet is more challenging to capture in photos. I bet I know your source for the construction paper cat.

  9. Hi Susan,
    Just beautiful kitty pics! Made me smile. Hope you and your gang are well.
    Diana x

  10. Beansie wants to know how you photo-shopped him onto the your radiator, and more important, why the hell we don't put a comfy towel on out heaters?!


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