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Saturday, January 22, 2011

polaroid sx-70 - big gorgeous red tulips from the back gardens of 29 Black Street

already beginning to tire of the blues and greys and icy whites
of stark branches and muted monotone life in winter

thank goodness for my rich + plentiful iphoto archives of flowers, fleurs & florals
I plan to upload a dozen or so to Uppercase's latest call for submission - florals

shhhh -a wee 2011 goal to have something of mine featured in this amazing magazine. uh huh


  1. thats a great goal. Thanks for giving a link, i assume that is a green light for your bloggy friends to give it a shot as well?

    Thanks for the shout out a few posts below. Later today i have a post that links back to you.

    and yes! I too am tired of cold and gray. but i am headed to florida tomorrow -its no vacation, but it will be warmer. Your lovely flowers will tide over for now. theyre wonderful. cant wait to see what you submit to uppercase!

    have a terrific weekend!

  2. Of course ... anything we can do to help each other build our empires

    I think it will be very difficult for me to narrow my submission down to a dozen or so. I do have many lovely floral polaroids ...

    xo S & les Gang

  3. You know I love those poloroids. Keeping my fingers crossed for both your submissions.

    You know you could always go outside and paint some of your snow into bright red floral colors. Wouldn't last long but could be fun and it will confuse the neighbors. BONUS!!


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