Monday, January 3, 2011

here comes Valentines Day (detail) gouache painting soon available as giclee prints in my shop

No.2 of 11 - wear colour
Les Bucket list of 2011

You'll notice I didn't say wear more colour. Just wear colour. Translated - please Susan, stop wearing the drab (but cozy) same daily uniform of the self employed hardly ever sees anyone but the girls at the post office anyway - the jeans or cargo pants with a big, baggy (soft + warm) fleece top in navy, blue, khaki, grey, taupe, mushroom etc .... my summer uniform just s bad - I wear one of the 6 sleeveless white blouses that I have worn to death with the same jeans, cargo pants, capris, clam diggers and on extremely rare occasions - shorts. Those girls at the post office deserve better, brighter, bolder ... and so do I.

I love fashion, I love colour, pattern + texture and I know it would make me feel fantastic. I'll do a What Not To Wear trash can scene and throw it ALL out. It's all so old, it's tired, it's b-o-r-i-n-g. I'm a serious WNTW convert, I know the rules and if I thought Stacy & Clinton ever came to Canada I'd be watching over my shoulder, waiting for someone to turn me in.

I must however wait for that darn ship to come in. I have not shopped retail for ages (years) with the exception of footwear and outerwear (parkas and the like). Frugal, frugal, frugal are we but ... now when I shop at our various favourite second hand clothing haunts (Frenchy's & Value Village) I promise ! I will be hunt for and buy only vivid & vibrant, and pattern a-go-go 'cause ...

baby ... I'm a firework

boom, boom, boom ... even brighter than the moon, moon, moon


  1. I wear black and grey relentlessly. When I try to wear bright colors I just feel like I'm trying to be something I'm not. I have tried.. believe me. :-)

    It's not the girls at the post office who deserve better - it's YOU who deserves a splurge now and then,no?

    Your new print is fun! COLORFUL.

  2. what? youre going to wear pointy toes high heels with tasteful dark wash jeans and a well fitted blouse to sit at the TTD all day.

    I understand. I have an entire closet of "ruined nice clothes" that are now "studio clothes". It kind of works out because even if the blouses are paint stained; i still press them and wear nice jeans and do my makeup and the whole thing. But i have to wear hiking boots everyday to protect my skeleton from shock - my studio floor is concrete.

    the compromise i have made is i dress appropriately for a day of creativity and then when i come home or meet friends in the evening THEN i trick out. You just cannot be worried about your clothes -or anything else when creating.

    love the hearts. So bright and fresh -reminds me of the geraniums.

  3. thanks Karen !
    and hey Chickory - even if I wore fuchsia fleece ?? while sitting at the TTD ...you made me smile BIG xos

    POW !! POP of colour ;-)

  4. "Baby, you're a firework
    Come on, let your colors burst"


  5. You know, there is colorful fleece.

    Your hearts explosion are like little love bubbles that can no longer be contained in your happy heart.

  6. Girls at the post office always accept us no matter what we wear. I agree with Karen, I live in grey and black. There is nothing like Frenchy's and Valu Village! Frugal is a good thing..... :)

  7. Although I do wear other colors, I do own a LOT of gray and black. haha. Those colors just look good on me! Those and navy blue.

  8. I watched Oprah the other day and she had on a lilac blouse, deep plum dress slacks and a vibrant pink cardigan and I thought "that's how I see myself dressing - not the quality or the "dressyness" of her outfit - but the colour.

    Susan & Neil - my postal girls totally accept me as well but oh they'd grin if a WOW-ed them with a pop or 2 of pizazz.

    I'm sure a large part of the reason is just plain not wanting to stand out in a crowd ... although I'm feelin' a bit different lately ... a little more stand-outish.

    I gave up wearing Black years ago, 6 pets ...

  9. Standoutish, eh? I like!

    Catching up on your previous posts as well. Hadn't considered the idea of reward for going online vs. reward for staying offline. More to ponder as my own life continues to shift...


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