Tuesday, January 4, 2011

scenes from a cozy day spent drawing and painting while big snow fell softly all day

No. 3 - shut up + create
Les Bucket List of 2011

a snowy day ... a perfect day for planting myself at the TTD and drawing & painting all day with the boss cat keeping me company. Another tangle of vines and leaves and swirls. It seems a favourite motif, I stained the paper with a wash of leftover coffee before beginning to paint with my tubes of gouache - trying this time to have a more vintage, old fashioned feel to my painting - a new to me hint I found somewhere along my travels in the vast lands of creative blogs.

I finished the painting last night just before the hockey game. Uh Huh !! I did say hockey, Junior A televised semi-finals USA vs Canada - a not to be missed game an intense rivalry perhaps matched only by the Leafs vs Canadiannes. I am Canadian, I spent my childhood evenings in a hockey rink and my first love was the captain of my high school hockey team. Canada won the game easily (hooray !) 4-2 and now faces Russia Wednesday in the gold medal game.

I scanned my painting with my new Epson V500 scanner which scans beautifully. Sealed this tangled heart painting up in cellophane, this original now for sale in my etsy shop and will make a few giclee prints with my next print order early next week. On to something new this morning ... today. Just create. Don't fuss, don't muss, please don't analyze what's good, what's bad, do you like it, do ya not ?? Just keep on making things. I worried away while painting tiny leaves and hearts while listening to As it Happens on CBC radio last evening, worried about my style ? or seeming lack of one. Do I have a style ? What is it ? Do I want one ? How distinct or cohesive should it be ? Errrrrggggg ! Shut up please voice.

shut up & create.
finish everything
archive very well
list in my shop
move on to something new

A tangled heart No. 1 - coffee stained (on purpose) original gouache painting 8.5 x 9.5


  1. I love this - and the sentiment - A Tangled Heart - something I always seem to feel.

    Just curious - what will this - either the original or a print - go for?

  2. Hi Karen if you click on the red text within today's post "my shop" it will take you directly there. This originals and most of my originals sell between $40.-$50. and the very lovely archival giclee prints go for $18. Thanks for the interest !


  3. Mom thinks... the original (100% black) would make a beauty of a plate tucked into the bed of her printing press...humm.
    Tail wags + snow time!

  4. what a cozy scene!!
    LOVE it.. all of it :D

  5. Beautimus!! Love the coffee stain on purpose. I only have coffee stains on accident. I like when it's art. LOL Lovely.

  6. Hey MS !! Happy New Year
    & you too Chez & Moose !!

    MS did you ever receive your Botanical Peace painting ?? I did mail it out almost instantly.

  7. Of course you have a style all your own...and it's lovely.
    Do you mind telling where you picked up your 2011 daytimer? I can't find one I like (I'm a write it down girl...I don't like computer daytimers!)

  8. That little list at the end would move along a lot more smoothly if it incorporated "drink tea" at regular intervals throughout! Is it time for me to send you some more?

  9. so inspiring, my dear. archive very well is an awesome idea!

    xo Alison

  10. I am so enjoying the direction your art has taken radiating happiness and love! Bravo!

  11. Yes Rach ! I'll trade you 1 (or2) lilac giclee pour one ton o' tea xos

  12. hi, that is so true. I do the same, fret over nonsense about art and style...when the only way it will ever be art is if you just keep making stuff over and over. the art comes only then...

  13. Susan, your question motivated me to go check my box, which I haven't checked since before Christmas. The lovely peace sign now has a place of honor on my bookshelf.

    As lovely as your pieces are on your blog, they are heartstoppingly gorgeous in person. I am absolutely captivated by this piece/peace, and I thank you so much.

  14. This is beautiful Susan - so delicate.

  15. That's really beautiful Susan.


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