good January things

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

gorgeous pages from Cavallini calendar goodness - sigh

It's been cold ... frigid cold, arctic cold, with icy streets to creep along being careful that we don't slip. It's cozy inside and days go by that other than my walks with Winnie I don't leave the nest, the office, the kitchen where I love dreaming up some new thing to have for dinner or the snug movie watching central den by the fire. This morning we sipped our coffee in a still dark bedroom, in a bed laden with furry beasts and listened to the sounds of snowploughs racing up and down our village streets getting things cleaned up and ready for all of us to go out walking.

A few especially good January things

• draught contract has been reviewed - les real contract on it's way via courier - hooray !!
• working once again, years later, with a design director who knows me & my work very well and is challenging my skills & abilities to the hilt - scary, stressful & ultimately tres thrilling - merci!
• doin' a little battle with some red tape & bureaucracy and making a wee bit of progress • selling another original from my etsy shop • rounding corners (literally) - oh my how I LOVE a rounded corner. Where have you been all my life you little stamping machine you • loading up the bird feeders each and every morning. We've spotted another Lady Baltimore and I see the large beautiful falcon daily on our (miss D + me) jaunts out n' about • longer days • signing up for the e-course Get Your Paint On !! • watching the cats watching the birds from their pillow topped venue at the kitchen window • practicing, practicing, practicing ... just being in the moment that I'm in - it's challenging • bundling up in down & fleece and going out, camera in tow, and hitting the icy streets with my best girlfriend Winnie • clementines, squares of chocolate, and hearty spicy vegetarian stew • finding those darn life lessons every where I look lately - good things ... and lots of them

last night's dinner - salmon/brown rice cakes, steamed broccoli + oven fries with olive oil
last night's movie - Scott Pilgrim vs the World - I so heart Michael Cera
from the soundtrack Beachwood Sparks covering Sade's By Your Side - a favourite of mine


  1. Lovely things happening to you this month! I love to list out the happy things!

    I love birds...that calendar is amazing!

  2. The bird examples from this calendar are amazing but I can't help but laugh that the second one. It looks like the little bird has very efficient projectile egg laying abilities.
    YAAAH!!! on a real live paying contract. I shall dance a small dance of happiness for you....just not on the icy sidewalks and streets. You know how our healthcare system is.

  3. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I am in LOVE with everyting in your etsy shop! I will be buying from you soon!

  4. Oh my goodness miss curlyqmosaics how to completely make my day - I've been feelin' creatively kind of down n' out so merci !!!

  5. hahaha! Laughing at Shamy's comment. :)

  6. So happy to hear of your contentment AND success! Kudos to you!

  7. So good to hear your financial situation is improving, and sorry about the icy cold, I can totally relate to that.


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