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Thursday, May 19, 2011

just twenty of many ... moments that caught my eye and my heart lately

I have made my world
and it is a much better world
than I ever saw outside.

Louise Nevelson

Uh Huh Louise ... now if only I could figure out a way to live in that world ... always + forever

Thank you so much MS & Moose for always saying something ... it means a lot ! xo Susan

I met the perfectly lovely Christina Martin at the post office yesterday ... our village hot spot


  1. Louise makes sense... beautiful photos

  2. So, are you going? I loved our visits to NS and just happen to be lucky enough to end up at Kitchen Parties, during Celtic Colours. Don't let Moose know! Someday we will drive and he can come along to see the Ocean and chase his tennis ball on the sand.
    Tail wags to music.

  3. No, Moose. My socially phobic nature keeps me away from such events but it was so nice to meet Christina and we spoke about the potential of working together (artwork maybe for cards, gig posters - shut up !!! - tres exciting). Honestly you just never know what any day may present to you.

    She hangs out & sings with the guys from Blue Rodeo - woof !!

  4. You know I never noticed Winnie's ear wings. So very cute.

  5. Hey Shammy - I have always threatened to braid Miss D's ear wings with beads a la Bo Derek - snort

    Many big kisses + tons of love to you my dog lovin' friend.

  6. Now that would be a sight to see, Rasta D.

    Thank you so much for your kind words. If anyone knows, it's you my friend.

  7. I adore the checkered lily. I have one lone one that comes up faithfully every year.

  8. Good music choice. We had Christina and Cuff the Duke play here at the Chatterbox last Hallowe'en. As per Christina's wishes all the staff, the band and most of the patrons dressed in black. It was a fabulous show and the joint was jumpin'.

  9. You could design the CD cover art for Christina + Blue Rodeo, yippeee.
    I saw they are giving a free show in London on July 1st...hummm.
    Tail wags,

  10. Moose do you know about Cuff the Duke? Cristina is married one of the "cuffs" ;-) Blue Rodeo a big influence

    & TLJ of course "the" cafe, your cafe, is the other hotspot in this little village.


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