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Friday, May 6, 2011

More beautiful inspiration from friends Amber Alexander & Ande Cook

I feel frozen again. Frozen in spot. Frozen creatively. It's the most terrifying feeling, that old creative block. A feel like I have a zillion ideas, I know I have at least a hundred, subcatagorized under three or more chapter headings. Pick 1 idea I tell myself. Write all your ideas on scraps of paper put them in a hat, ask Oliver to draw one. Just do something ... anything. Just begin.

Why is that so difficult ? I wonder to myself Which came first ? Am I in a funk because of my current creative block or am I blocked because I'm in a funk. It's a puzzle. I've asked Ande to please write a post about her own creative process (she's promised to - I'll link to it next week). I wonder so many things about her process ... does she keep a sketch book ? How does she choose one idea over another ? Her work is so rich with layers of texture and imagery - how does she do that ??? How does she know when somethings finished ? How does she come up with her concepts ?? I love hearing how other creative people work, about their work habits, process and also how they deal with this ol' creative rut thing which I do remind myself ... happens to us all.

I have this image of myself happily working away all day long painting or collageing or maybe a combination of the two & at weeks end there will be (in my dream) a bevy of finished pieces to show from my happy content creative week. That's my dream. It's always my dream. My reoccurring dream of life. Why? why is it so difficult to make that big dream a reality ...

Hints, tips, work habits, ideas, thoughts ... all welcome please.

& Keane - Everybody's Changing - very beautiful

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  1. I often have that paralyzing feeling of being "stuck" too. If you find out how to cure it, please let me know.


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