finches & raindrops

Sunday, May 15, 2011

red dog, yellow dog get a black cat - Emma Jane Louise (or Em), Jake & teeny, tiny baby Bleet

Finches & raindrops ... sounds to wake up to
& a snoring, sleepy, shaggy, black dog
a knot of tangled covers & kitten love (Virgil & Oliver)
coffee in bed with my morning pages
& breakfast out* with friends - hooray !

*at Whirlygigs Cafe

(fabulous & fantastic, internationally renowned, design/illustration/creative periodical) is having another of their "would you like to be participate in our pages" call for submissions. Last issue #9 Ande Cook (aka Chickory) and I shared the same page (floral photos) - hooray !! It's all a part of my ongoing quest for Fame + Fortune to submit/participate in as many of these as I can. It's treu F & F I do want you. And also to help in the building of my, any moment now trust me, bustling + booming Creative Empire. Today's deadline is pet portraits (and they can't be photos - sad face) no worries 'cause I have plus de little illustrations. The above red dog yellow dog get a black cat gouache painting is an all time favourite of mine.

Happy Sunday !!

eggs whirligig's - fishcakes, poached eggs, hollandaise, homemade chow, apple maple sausage

I'll stop the world and melt with you ...
song stuck in my head this early morning while walking in the rain with my girl Dee


  1. no no no! now its stuck in MY head too.

    Thanks for the heads up. I forgot, and just uploaded two -but they wouldnt have been my first choices. I only had two that fit the criteria that were 300 dpis. darn it. i should have uploaded from the MotherShip in ATL where the big files live. im on the cabin laptop.

    cest la vie.....we'll always have issue #9.

    Love your cheerful painting and the sweet breakfast shop.

  2. Boooooteeeeeful! BLEET!!!

    I'm listening to Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Skies - as I read you this mornin. Loveliness.

  3. YUMMY!
    What an upbeat post. Perfect for a Sunday...
    Love the gouache.
    "bustling + booming Creative Empire" = Love this line! My bet is on you Susan...

  4. Can you post your floral page from Uppercase? Mom submitted a painting too...we shall see. Guess what her topic is for 10 best....submission?!!
    Tail wags and it is raining in Colorado too.
    ~muddy feet moose

  5. Hey !! merci mon amis for the lovely Sunday comments. I do feel like I'm having a wee creative surge (and a big ol' hallelujah for that).

    I've signed up for a new Get Your Paint On Summer session which begins June 13th - highly recommend it to any & all experienced or beginner painters.

    Moose I'll post that page from UpperCase tomorrow ... um, my guess is the 10 best things about very well behaved & extremely handsome golden retrievers ???

    Chick the floral of mine that they picked wouldn't have been my favourite either so - ya never know.

    Ms & Andrea xoxo thanks !!


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