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Saturday, May 28, 2011

from sunny, summery yesterday, pardon the lily beetle porn, could not resist their bold redness

• reading this lovely book - As Always, Julia - letters between Julia Child & Avis DeVoto
• last night's movie presentation (also from the library) - 5 stars from the Black Street critics
• extreme mint herbal toothpaste (makes me brush waaayyy longer)
pina colada smoothies for breakfast with pc greek yogurt & pineapple juice
• foggy grey weather I love it - shhhhhhhh (I'm alone on this one)
• puttering in the garden, making a small (weeding, thinning, pulling) dent in the vastness of tangle that is les terracotta gardens while that darn Prince does the big transforming, the A team
• already planning my next trip to Halifax - suffering Mlou + the city withdrawal - big time
• happy to be back roaming around this little village, camera in tow, with my best gal Missy D
• falling asleep watching hockey playoffs tucked snug into the nest of down & flannel
• having the windows wide open & feeling once again that we live in a big brick tree house
collage-a-go-go ... & I do mean go go here at the TTD* ... the dandy lion my latest obsession
• yummy - potato salad, stir fry of spinach, asparagus + broccoli with barbecued chicken

killer (easy) bbq sauce

zest and juice of 1 orange
1/4 cup molasses (honey, maple syrup, brown sugar)
a ton of garlic minced (4 big fat cloves or to taste)
a big slop of dijon (2-3 tbsp or to taste)
1/2 cup tomato ketchup
hot sauce (if you're so inclined)
1/2 a small onion finely minced (or a large shallot if you have them)
a handful of minced fresh cilantro
a handful of chopped chives

Marinate 4 large chicken breasts in the sauce refrigerated turning occasionally for several hours (minimum 30 minutes). Reserve most of the sauce and bring to a boil adding orange juice to thin as necessary. Reduce by half. Serve spooned on cooked chicken breasts & garnish with more chopped cilantro, chives and/or sliced green onion. Sweet & delicious !


  1. I'm assuming the beetles are not red from pornicating? And will pornicating beetles show up in a future collage? I think it's safe to say that etsy traffic would increase dramatically with a piece entitled Pornicating Red Beetles.

  2. ut oh, what are those bugs up too?
    Benny & Lily

  3. OMG. I was all entranced by the flowers, then I had to go back and look at the beetles. tsk.

    homemade bbq sauce? excellent!

  4. I think I'd happily eat at your house every day, Susan. But hold the cilantro for me.......


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