Thursday, May 5, 2011

from the crescent beach this early morning and collected blue mussel shells - Miss D + me

they must often change,
who would be constant in happiness & wisdom


Sometimes changing is so subtle & quiet, so slow & gradual it's practically imperceivable and other times changing feels very rough & tumble, irritating & annoying - undesired. I ponder to myself why can't I wrap myself up tighter in my cozy warm quilt of status quo and sleep this off.

Life just doesn't work that way.
Change is good. Change is growth.
Change is constant. Best get used to it.

A fantastic ad for my much loved Google -
Curious with a capital "C" am I and with google one never needs to wonder ever again -sigh


  1. Are you moving to Paris? Having a baby? I'm a little confused. Would you take Missy D with you?
    Anyway, I do love Truffaut... and truffles!

  2. hey Judy - the google ad is a just, I think, a fantastic ad and I am a google fan. I google something a billion times a day.

  3. It must be nice to get back to your nice clean beach littered with mostly mussel shells and sea glass.

  4. Hey Shammy - cleaner but certainly not pristine, we too have our fair share of garbage sadly much of it is obvious fishermen debris ???!!!*#!

    but nothing by comparison, it has much to do with ocean currents & location Grand Manan is really perched in open ocean water where we are more protected in a sheltered straight.

  5. A sweet ad. Sweetness and delight are a breath of fresh air in what can be quite stressful times these days. Long live love eh?

  6. Change - gah!

    Beautiful photos...

  7. Susan, the link to Google was cool; I was impressed with how you did it. I use Google all the time too, and I love it when they use creative icons for their title.


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