more f words

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100 photos taken, edited down to 43, 25 here today, 18 more tomorrow - a la f words part deux

more f words - four days in the city with best friend MLou at her house in the beautiful woods
fantastic + fabulous, friendship, forwarding, food, fun, feeling, freedom ...

highlights - Dee Dee's Ice cream (mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone for me), Halifax Farmer's Market radishes, olive bread, samosas, tabouli + stopping to say hello + introduce myself (& 29 Black Street) to Alice in Paris loves Art +Tea, Crystal Crescent Beach - dogs, the Sambro lighthouse, granite slopes, white sand + ocean - real ocean, ceramic artists Lucky Rabbit Pottery's art opening at Mount St. Vincent's Gallery, a great hair cut at an Aveda salon, art supply shopping, used book stores, Pete's (be still my friggin' heart + pocket book this place makes me twitch - big time), a yummy cheeseburger at Brooklyn Warehouse (an amazing menu), endless fantastic food prepared and eaten in, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, walks on wooded paths with Missy J, daily reports from les Gang's protector & provider Missy D wasn't at all happy about my absence & tres thrilled to see her Mama again, Mr. Mr. Oliver too).

and a non stop a go go chat-a-thon - fantastic ongoing stimulating, inspiring, comforting, loving conversation. I was missed (which was lovely) & I am blessed. Blessed. Blessed. Merci Mlou ;-)


  1. The photos are so great that it makes me want to go...and I was there! Next time we will sample DeeDee's at the Peggy's Cover location.

  2. Seems like you got a lot into and out of your four day trip!

  3. We sure did John ... and somehow did it all at a lovely leisurely pace with plenty of relaxation mixed in.
    Already planning my next visit ;-)

  4. Hooray! Wonderful to see Halifax and environs through your eyes:) So many places still to to see. It was terrific meeting you and maybe this summer you will be back again and we can have more of a visit OR I might plan a visit to your neck of the woods. One never knows.

  5. What's that prickly thing with the beautiful brown seed???

    Welcome back. Miss D says NEVER leave again.

  6. Ahhhh.... what a spectacular adventure with a true friend. Welcome home and hope your petting hand is falling off. Nice to see the ocean! Mom heads to sunny, hot, sticky, hot, Florida today... I hear she will see the ocean too. My tail is NOT wagging.
    Can you stop by and take me for a walk?

  7. the prickly thing with the beautiful brown seed is a ceramic horseshoe chestnut pod/seed. MLou collects pottery/ceramics & Missy agrees !! xos

  8. Just so ya know - you were missed not only by your cowboy and your furfamily, but also by folks halfway 'round the world.

    Welcome home! Glad you had fun!!

  9. Beautiful selection of photographs Susan. Glad to have you back!x


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