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Monday, May 2, 2011

tiny, gorgeous, perfect & green as can be

Some recent good stuff - already this very morning I've lingered in the lands of bubbles & scent, walked briskly for 30 minutes with my best girl Dee, made dog cookies (they are the best and so easy), voted Uh Huh !!, picked up a few groceries and now I'm about to clean up & organize les office a little Wow ! & it's not even Q time yet. Hooray !

• a great recent HBO movie - borrowed from our library (HBO makes the best movies)
* basmati rice (we normally eat brown rice but oh my basmati tastes sooo good) cooked this way
• enjoying my spin on this fantastic dinner - served on a bed of spicy, zesty mesclun mix

simple vinagrette salad dressing

1 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
2 tbsps olive oil

excellent TV - I so love Nova ... little science junkie that I am
• my current wonderful read
• two long phone chats with best friend, therapist, guru, designer gal, etc, etc ... MLou - sighing
• re-reading this very funny, spot on book for us gals with food issues - Bonjour Issue !!
• Macy Gray & this happy, boppy song heard moments ago in the grocery store - smiling

monarch butterfly's May 2011 Cavallini butterfly calendar


  1. Must be something in the air - I got up full of vim and vigour too! And after steam-cleaning floors, I now have to stop and walk the dogs, looking rather fluffy-haired and hot......

  2. and you didn't even have to vote - mind you, you & the Team are probably still recovering from les Wedding ;-)

  3. Good stuff indeed. There is a lot to explore here. I must try those dog biscuits for my Miss M. The election outcome should be interesting.

  4. i've just now come to the conclusion that i don't need the www but only your blog. when i visit here i get great advice on movies and books, the best music to bop to, yummy recipes, food for my soul, feast for my eyes and a giggle or two. merci!!

  5. Love those butterflies! We used to have a Lantana hedge in my childhood, absolutely covered with them - don't see them as much now. More use of insecticides now I guess.

  6. I had such a long, intense week of work that I'm just now catching up. What HBO movie?


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