Monday, May 16, 2011

Dandelions & Zinnias No.1 - 9 x 13 coffee stain, collage, gouache & ink - Susan Black

two bits of writing that recently spoke to me

No, I don't have to tell a soul about this, I promised myself.
When you are a kid, you don't know yet that a secret,
like an animal, can evolve.
Shag like, mute and thick, a knowledge with a fur:
your secret.

Swamplandia - Karen Russel
a novel with such beautiful & original writing, and on every page, you can barely stand it


Charisma is not character.
A magnetic personality doesn't necessarily
indicate a good heart
I'd always assumed they went hand in hand

Laura Linney - June's O magazine


  1. LL is right. I recall that Ted Bundy was a charismatic charmer. lots of sociopaths are. Thats why i feel relatively safe with curmudgeonly folk.

    LOVE LOVE this piece with dandelions and zinnas. I love your colors but the composition on this one is terrific. Im still doing your process post -but I have to start at the beginning to shoot all the stages so hang in there i didnt forget.

  2. no rush at all.
    My darn Prince is a curmudgeon with a capital "C" :-)

    Thank you, thank you for your comments & critiques - the thing that's most blowing me away about this new stuff is my process (or lack of it) it's ALL spontaneous, no drawing, no sketching, no thumbnails I'm just letting myself go - if I don't like it in the end - oh well - but I am liking it, them Hooray hooray !!!!!!

    ps ask anyone who knows me there is normally nothing spontaneous about me - so this is good, very, very good xo S & les Gang

  3. Now I'm TOTALLY intrigued by Swamplandia.


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