Thursday, October 27, 2011

omg - love this crow from tastes orangey - when my ship comes in I want it in a big size

coffee in bed with my journal
steaming hot facecloths
bundling up
fleece mitts & headband
the smell of woodsmoke
frost in the air
blazing leaves
a steaming harbour
golden early morning light
sweet D & I stroll the village streets
to the sounds of morning crows

& this raven from bird in hand when my ship comes ... I'm buying art & lots of it


  1. the crows, very nice. Are you doing morran this weekend? i managed to complete my paid illustration and might *might* get to it this evening. I think my entry will be a photograph of the image in a fussy little frame i found. I loved your morning. sounds good to me. i also have woodsmoke in the air. and this weekend, its daylights savings time. hate it. we begin the season of long nights.

  2. The girls and I are totally envious of your frosty weather... so yummy... enjoy!!

    The girls took almost as many pics of crows as they did of squirrels when we visited the north. Haha

  3. We have city crows. They hang out at McDonalds in the winter in huge flocks. Probably waiting for the remnants of a McRib sammie.

    Is Goergia starting DST early this year because I thought it starts the first weekend of November?

    Here's to all our big art buying ships coming in.

  4. Hey y'all - thanks for commenting...this blog it does get so very lonely I wonder often is "anybody" out there - actually preachin' to the choir with you 3 (all gold star comment-ers) but we do SO appreciate you !! Daylight savings time starts next Sunday Nov. 6th here - it must be the same in Georgia.

    Ahoy ! big art buying ships a speck on les horizon xoxo S + les Gang

    Chick I'm emailing you my rough - you're gonna be so proud ;-)

  5. wow. did you go through Camilla Engman's Morran photoset? She is a genius. I am in love with that dog. one unique and endearing shot after another. what an excellent life that woman is living! Your thumbnail didnt come through - but I wrote this note hoping your readers would treat themselves to this:

    oh ya'll we right DST is next weekend. *whew*

  6. Thanks for the comment on the calendar!! I will get a give-away up soon...digging out from zillions of tree branches and the dreaded "early" winter snows of Colorado. Moose is trying to put a dent in the limbs but is calling in the backup chainsaw. Good luck with the Morran entry, paws crossed. DLS time is the 6th here, darkness is coming. Maybe we should exchange calendars. Good luck on that January will never happen here! WOOF.


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