Saturday, October 15, 2011


You can't get what you want
till you know what you want

Joe Jackson

11 weeks left in this year. Eleven weeks to cross off a few remaining goals & dreams for 2011, this year has been one of transition & growth. A year of more & more acceptance. A year built
on trust + faith, love + kindness ... all most importantly to myself. Lighten up !! I whisper more often than I dare to admit. Be brave, be bold ... and please dear one - stop thinking about it. Whatever nasty particular flavour of the day it might be. It takes practice. Rigorous practice. You must be firm with your mind. I'm finally getting that. You must tell it sometimes to just Shut Up! & other times try asking nicely Is this rumination really helping ? ... uh huh thought not.

I think a few of the other secrets to my recent success (& when I say success I mean finding peace, comfort & serenity much of the time - things that felt missing for me for so many years). Of course I would be terribly remiss if I didn't mention the Prince of MGT* 'cause...

It helps when you know without a doubt that you are loved, that someone thinks you're great, extremely loveable & can practically do no wrong (children, partners, parents, siblings, best friends) & if you don't feel you have that in your life, you must learn to be that for yourself.

acceptance - it's so simple ...

God (or whoever), grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

3) extricating yourself from people or situations that cause you upset as much & as often as possible. Surround yourself instead with people & situations that make you feel good & inspired.
The older I get the easier I find this one to practice. Life's too short ... & all that jazz. Bye Bye !

4) whenever possible & as much as possible do what you love. Keep learning & try new things.

5) always remember & repeat often ... this too, will pass

I'm already thinking & dreaming lots o' big stuff for 2012 'cause that's just who I am. I'm trying (and kind of succeeding) to walk that fine line of living in the moment yet all the while sending out detailed reports, affirmations & requests to M. Universe.

* Prince of MGT - OK he's not a total Saint but he sure is the darn Prince of Mostly Good Things


  1. Ditto, ditto + ditto! Enjoy the weekend...from Moose who is up in the mountains and left Mom chained to her printing press... woof.

  2. Sing it, sister!! Love this post! Would love to print out the list and put it on the fridge. When I get my own fridge in my own place! Yeah.

  3. 11 weeks left in the year! Yikes! Think I better return to your calming photos - especially the nice calm waters!

  4. love this post, susan! i accomplished #3 big time this last year and now i'm continuing to work on the rest. i haven't been on the internet much lately. it was so fun to come visit you todaya nd have a bunch of yummy goodness to read back to back to back. ((hugs)) to all!


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