Friday, October 7, 2011

Bleetito - found while sorting - one my first* paper cut collage illustrations - Susan Black

oh, from about 2001 - Bleet would have been about 1, believe it or not he once was a petite & diminutive chat ... Uh Huh ! of those skinny, crazy & wild, long legged kittens. On a recent visit to the vet's they weighed him now at nearly 19 lbs (yikes!) the vet, Gillian, explained the 1 thru 5 weight chart on the wall (1 being emaciated, 2 thin, 3 just right, 4 obese & finally 5 very obese) she said Bleetito was 4.9 ;-) - I swear he barely eats, nibbles only ... it's a metabolism issue. Uh Huh !! & we sure do love our big, fat, black velvet chicelet - Bleet ito.

* funny how I realize now - that I was, and have been, on a fairly clear & direct path. Playing with scissors & glue, hand cut + hand drawing
typography. 11 years later the road is visible, newly paved, with lots of fun & interesting detours that I'm brave enough now to explore ...
I feel like I'm truckin' along ... almost knowing where I'm going. That's key I think ... almost.


  1. I love this, very graphic and bold.

  2. I feel Bleet's pain on the metabolism issue ;). Great piece - has a french vibe about it. Keep on truckin'

  3. I must have a different weight chart... 4.9 on mine is voluptuous!
    My Dex was 22 lbs, that is voluptuous grande.


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