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Sunday, October 30, 2011

from sketch to final piece. I always scan as I go because I'm never sure which I'll like best

Amazing Swedish artist Camilla Engman is holding an open call* for illustrations of her sweet, best gal pal, fox terrier Morran for an upcoming book. I could not resist submitting my version.

I'm really into black backgrounds at the moment which is why I chose that version as the final, the one that I ultimately submitted, but honestly the jury's still out on this one. All three versions, even the sketch, have their own appealing qualities. Oh well, no brooding allowed ...
I'm happily on to the the next thing. Do you have a favourite ? Would love to hear which one ?

Dog & cat portrait commissions welcome !! ... email me

noon update - I took Chickory's advice (top version) & used my black acrylic ink to make the black more opaque & velvety - much, much better I think. Thanks Chick !!

* the deadline is October 31 if anyone is interested in submitting a portrait of Morran


  1. Hi Susan,

    The black background version of Moran is my favourite too.

    Good Luck!

    PS.... I rec'd the 3 tiny prints I ordered from you. I LOVE them! Even the packaging is great. Thanks!

  2. your very welcome !!
    thanks for the vote
    xo s + gang

  3. I actually prefer the white one with the finished flowers. But that might be my gouache prejudice - i wanna see an even velvet black background. I hope I can get to my morran today. I thank you for bring it to {our} attention.

  4. I love the black one - it really makes the colours pop! XO Joni

  5. I just might paint over my black to make it solid, opaque & velvety (which I think was my original intention ?) I don't really know how to use gouache (or paint for that matter) so I end up using it kind of like water colour. No harm doing another adjustment - thanks for your critique Chick ;-)

    I used to send my HR

  6. I don't know nuffin about painting, but I love how you captured the essence of Morran! He's adorable!!

  7. now the black IS the best. It looks terrific. there is no variable value distraction now. I am sitting down this afternoon with my Morran assignment . Mine will include a frame as part of the illustration.

  8. Morran is absolutely adorable! Nice job, Susan. I love the black background one, although they're all amazing. :) Best wishes!


  9. Love 'em ALL! I do have a question though: Why is his name "Morren" in the sketch and "Morran" in the watercolors?

  10. I spelled the name wrong in the sketch - oops !! good eye anon

  11. We love the 1st indeed...Moose's eye is drawn to the biscuit. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
    Tail wags + tricks + treats.

  12. It's fascinating seeing your sketch progress like this. My favourites are the second and forth ones. And thanks for the 'scan as you go ' tip - genius!

  13. OMG YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! I bet she is dancing in the street over what you sent to her!!!


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