no more owl(s)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sneak peeks from my new 2012 mini (6x9) owls wall calendar available Nov 1 (if not sooner)

This is Penn he lives in a mid-century modern nest

I tell ya ... collaging lil' owls is terribly addictive. I got carried away & made 7 new owls for this mini wall calendar ... just so I'd have plus de choice when putting it all together & I already have all these guys to choose from as well. I made a promise to myself yesterday - no more owl(s) - at least for awhile.

Finished the book Maine - my review ... a big ol' meh - 2 stars or would not recommend & began a new book Corvus a gift from far away friends - merci !!- I think I'm gonna love this one


  1. I can imagine the owls becoming addictive. With hand-sewing my daughter would sometimes rest her hand on top of mine and say "Mum. Just stop."
    I love your owls - each one very individual right down to the names.


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