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Thursday, October 20, 2011

an assortment of Gee's Bend quilts - this fabulous huge book recently arrived from the library

Every great inspiration is but an experiment

Charles Ives

Don't these gorgeous quilts look like they could be big, beautiful collages ?

Hey ! I'm guest posting over on world famous rug hooker Deanne Fitzpatrick's blog

I'm feeling very inspired these days ... little nips of inspiration biting at me & from all directions. I'm learning how important it is to take the time to look, to see (I lied I am most definitely addicted to the internet), to sketch lots & write it all down. All these nips of ideas, thoughts, worries, dreams & goals. My new favourite sketchbook pen, my new favourite sketchbook.

Even though my budding* Creative Empire is not yet making me much of a salary, which I need & want as much as anyone - I've decided, I've allowed myself, this year to continue to invest in my dreams. I've just signed up for the next round of Get Your Paint On (after much thought & deliberation) 5 weeks/$139.US it begins Monday Oct, 24th - it's funny because as I deliberated spending a mere 139. for 5 weeks of excellent instruction & loads of inspiration (or 4.00 a day) it became easy for me to say YES to myself because I've learned (from taking the previous 2 GYPO e-courses) that you don't know what the lessons or gifts will be that you take away. I'm no longer taking a course like this thinking that I'm taking it so I can learn to paint (the obvious reason). I'm signing up knowing that I'll meet & be exposed to (albeit virtually) a rich community of creative people, I'll push myself, I'll create new things, I'll force myself to do things that don't come naturally + the opportunities for learning & growth are absolutely endless. I've also registered for a business course The Business Soul Sessions which begins Jan 2012. At this point in my life this is the only thing I want to spend my money on. This is what I want to invest in.

In me & it feels really good !

* yeah, yeah you're all saying - Hey ! Susan ... but it's been budding an awfully long time. I know it's a slow budder what can I say ? but I can see gradual almost imperceivable progress, I honestly believe with all my heart that one morning I'll wake up and this Creative Empire of mine will be in full bloom like some gorgeous giant red amaryllis. Uh Huh !!

Heard on Ellen - one of those songs you instantly love - boppy, catchy, happy - Foster the People

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  1. Charles Ives was a nut. In a totally good way of course.

    I am pondering the Business Soul Sessions... must see where I am closer to January. So much shifting for me right now.

    Congrats on the new class!!

    I want all those quilts for my new house.


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