Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a thanksgiving bouquet picked yesterday from my wee but prolific sunny flower garden

le menu (heart healthy don't ya know it)

tomatoes & cukes (from our little garden) drizzled with olive oil, S + P and apple cider vinegar
roasted carrots & parsnips with olive oil, garlic powder, thyme & a final drizzle of honey
roasted stuffed chicken rubbed with an olive oil, summer savoury paste
stuffing (whole grain bread with seeds, almonds, pecans, raisins, dried apple, celery, onion, mushrooms, chicken broth & olive oil)
steamed broccoli spears (a Black Street fav)
light pumpkin pie (with whipped topping - les artificial I know ... the big shame on this page)

& glorious, glorious summertime weather continues - hooray !


  1. Note to self: recreate this menu in late November for my Thanksgiving in US. Stuffing ingredients, roasted parsnips, awesome!

  2. Oh so beautiful!!!!!!!

    Oh the cowboy's tie!!!!

  3. the shirt & tie a tres welcome sight as he usually has on his most homely "work" outfit an old & tattered acrylic forest green sweater (something I would dearly love to just suddenly go missing) and stained work pants, baseball cap covered with wood chips, gyprock dust, chainsaw oil ... absolutely not complaining just that I did find this lovely reminder. HEY ! look there's a handsome man under all that ;-)

    & hey John I'm going to send you some summer savoury & the full recipe (the good one & the bad version as well) & you can decide how healthy your Thanksgiving will be.

  4. Wilow your hair is lovely longer+ John I have your address from etsy

  5. This is so funny, you wishing a certain article of man clothing to go missing. She....Queen of the Fleece.

    It all looks good and tasty. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. A friend of mine had me in fits of laughter once, when we were in our teens.
    She recounted how her mother finally threw her father's old work overalls in the old ten-gallon bin we used to use as incinerators (in the days when backyard burning was allowed here).
    She had great pleasure in setting the thing alight with the overalls hidden in the depths of the rubbish.
    Her father on casually asking what was burning and being told, moved the fastest he'd ever moved in his life off the armchair and was dancing around like a man possessed with a huge stick trying to rescue his beloved charred clothing.
    Sometimes its just too hard to let go.
    Beautiful photos Susan. Your meals are divine.

  7. Funny story Pam. Even though I'd love to burn Doug's daily work uniform ... I wouldn't dream of it "but" oh my how lovely to see a collared shirt, let alone the tie & jacket xoxo Susan


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