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Saturday, September 12, 2009

sweetness & love - Oliver - avec his debonnaire face*

He's convinced himself that he bears a stunning resemblance to Don Draper - and he's been spending a lot of time, atop his pillow with a view, practicing his tres handsome, brooding, you-can-never-be-quite-sure-what-I'm-thinking look. And ... a 1 and a 2 and cue the music.

Oliver's been playing the role of Creative Director all week, and it's a role that he takes very seriously. He's been insisting on having catch up, brain storming meetings many times throughout each day and he prefers to have them on my desk blotter, smack in the centre of everything. I swear he loves the feeling of tracing paper under his paws.

Oh my and what a week's it been - it's fantastic don't get me wrong, I love it really. It's just been a very unusually jam packed busy week here at the teak topped desk. 8-8 most days (with breaks of course to walk with Miss D). I've been holding my breath, forgetting to breath and feeling like I'm absolutely racing through each day. And when I finally have an opportunity to slow down, when Winn and I are out for our stroll along the harbour's edge, I forget how to. I feel beat yet I'm not sleeping well, I'm all jacked up on hope, goodness and adrenaline. I suspect this is where both yoga and meditation would be very good things. Uh Huh, I'll add them to my list.

Lots of small fishing boats are leaving the harbour this early morning, along with a sweet little red coast guard ship. Crows and fading stars and the first signs of peach tinged clouds against a brand new baby blue sky. Bubbles, promise and coffee ... here we go again.

*in hopes that Millie will see this post and read about his high profile job

his office with a harbour view

Sigh ... pure joy. Miss Millie from the UK has a tiny dog - she has invisible wings.


  1. Hooray for busy days! The fruits of all this labour are going to be delicious!
    I LOVE that pic of the flying dog:)
    You wee office managers are delightful.

  2. that oliver has such an expressive face! you just have to love a cat who wants to be in the thick of things and as close to you as they can be!

    the photo of millie made me smile! i remember when presley could still do that. i know he's still soaring in his dreams, though!

  3. That is the perfect music for brooding, isn't it? It's very "broody" music.
    That is a beautiful photo of Oliver.

  4. Cats....cute!!!
    Kitty kitty, a nice post!
    Cute pics of Oliver and others..:)
    Keep writing such light hearted posts coz' it makes us feel bright in life!!

  5. I so know what you mean. I know I'm too keyed up when I get into a hot bubble bath at night and immediately begin washing like crazy so I can get right out again. Nuts! I should soak, relax, and dream of England.

    Love that tiny flying dog!!
    Edward and Apple got their lovely faces trimmed today by our wondrous groomer. They are model perfect!!

    Happy weekend to you and all the furry ones!!

  6. Miss Millie isn't convinced it's a job; she says it's a vocation. She thinks he's doing pretty well too. And so handsome!

  7. Wonderful post, handsome cat, flying dog...and remember to breathe


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