Tuesday, September 29, 2009

creative director, photography assistant, parkour master, sous chef ...

big red retriever in disguise, sweet as can be and all round truly amazing cat - Oliver

The last photo he's waiting for me to present my days accomplishments to him - critique time of course he only gives criticism of the utmost constructive kind. He's a firm believer in the cat nap or the power snooze and his favourite spot to take 5 (or 20) is in his sunshiny, pillow topped office dans les extra wide windowsill. He fancies himself the Don Draper of this organization mostly because of his chiseled good looks, but also because of his often profound ability to generate ideas and concepts - and of course he is quite a hit with the ladies although he really only has eyes for one - one tabby lady with a black nose named Millie who lives far, far away - across the great pond. Sigh ... these long distance relationships are tough. He had planned to take the Concord soon for a wee rendezvous in the UK with his true love only to find out that the Concord is no more. Drat ! Love will find a way he tells me.

ah, there she is ... M. Millie with the black nose from Slow Lane Life - be still my heart, xo Don

bigger photos for your blogs - here's a link that hopefully will help


  1. He's one dashing kitty.

  2. He is tres handsome... I like him better than DD. Wonderful photos!

  3. Millie thinks Oliver is all talk, no action....

  4. aww... I just wanna curl up with him on that pillow in the window! purrrrr :)

  5. I just love getting a letter from you every morning! Edward and Apple send regards to Oliver even though he's a cat!

  6. That first pic is so cute. Pink nose!
    Thanks for the pic info:)

  7. ohhhhhh Oliver....your fur is heavenly! I could dive right in to all that softness...... sigh....... and now... so lifelike in size too... on my screen anyway....

  8. you know i looked at these pics before but even now they make me feel so cozy. can almost smell the feline hair too. Very handsome indeed. :)


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