Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Every thing reminds me of my dog(s) - gouache illustration

Uh Huh !! This illustration was hand drawn and painted with gouache and tres inspired my the magnificent and mind blowing cut paper works of both Rob Ryan and Elsita Holy Cow !!

I was at the TTD* last evening until the ungodly hour of 10pm - fussin' and a mussin' putting the finishing touches on my mini portfolio and answering the interview questions for my upcoming full page designer/artist feature in HOW magazine - HOW did this happen ? ??? I wonder (I am so thrilled but I gotta say I'm still a little dumbfounded by this whole thing). Questions like - How do I bust myself out of a creative rut ? and those darn ruts, those valleys and sometimes abysses are a tres common occurrence in any creative person's life - it seems. What are my favourite tools ? Gee, don't get me started and you all know the answer to this question - tracing paper, staedtler drawing pens and my fav red metal koh-i-noor mechanical pencil, my table top light box (sigh), a sharp exacto blade, a self healing cutting mat (not that long ago I misplaced my self healing cutting mat for 3 whole days - I was just sick about it. I eventually found it, after obsessively retracing my creative steps for the millionth time, in a big over sized atlas that I had been cutting up) ... and of course something I do consider a tool, a life line, a couldn't-imagine-life-without-it is my beloved CBC radio 1 it keeps me company, on task and glued to my desk. Current favourite shows Q and DNTO (Definitely not the Opera) and I can't forget Jonathan Goldman or Quirks & Quarks and As it Happens Hi my name is Susan and I'm a total CBC Radio 1 junkie - and I plan my daily life and world around it's broadcast schedule.

Hey ! Shhhh. What's that I hear? That rattlin' & rollin' sound ? I think it just may be the sound of some Creative Empire building Uh Huh ! Uh Huh !!

* teak topped desk

Halifax cool guy Joel Plaskett + lots of beautiful Nova Scotia scenery
Through & through & through ... or Good Things Come


  1. Love! the cut-out illustration! It's just lovely! You will let us see the interview,right? Congratulations, you deserve the attention!!

    Lovely day, from all of us!

  2. Susan, it is so wonderful to hear your exciting news! Love it! Your Creative Empire is arising from the teak-topped desk. Love it! So happy for you.

  3. i LOVE it. and i love cut paper. have you ever seen kara walkers sillhouettes of slave times? theyre really good. anyway, getting out of creative ruts. i always switch up media. i do three D when painting is stale or switch to drawing. my CE is in serious jepardy. i need i a rep, i think

    btw i am good with the swap words.

  4. Hey ! Merci !! you guys ! and chickory I LOVE Kara Walker's work - she's a genuis. I'll post a list of items and details of who's swappin' with who sometime next week. Miss D will draw swap partners out of hat.

    How do you go about getting a rep ... I wonder. Any advice, tips or hints ?

  5. Miss B: you are a force to be reckoned with!!!!! We are all so proud of you and can't wait to see the interview with you. Love the new illustration! That's you: building your CE one little ole brick at a time!!!

  6. I love the video of Joel P. riding/boating, etc...through out the beauty of Nova Scotia.
    Tail Wags and good things from your TDD!

  7. Terrific! I LOVE your illustration/cutout.
    Funny...I was going to post that video on my bog too!!! Really. It is so upbeat and quirky:)
    If I win that silly contest that I have been obsessing about,(Rap Ditty) I want to hire him for the big party I plan on having:) All who help vote will be invited:) hint... hint...

  8. YOU dont need advice from ME. im not making any dough and can advise NO ONE

    kara walkers dad (larry) was my life drawing instructor. he was one of my favorite prof's of all time


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